Floating candles..

This is going to be a long shot..

I went to the national wedding show in London and popped into the Lite Home show thingy too. Saw a great idea for a centre piece..

Basically it was a long vase with water in, a single rose drpped into it.. here comes the candle bit.. basically u can buy bags of this wax which is in little bits like tiny stones, u poor it in water and it all floats to the top u then stick this wick in and you can light it.. thing is i didnt right the name of the supplier down and ive googled it and still can't find out what this waxy stuff is?!!?!?

Any ideas? its sold in bags and u buy the wicks sepereatly u can put as many wicks in as u want, and when theyve burn out u just replace the wicks...

Thanks girls x


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