Caterers in Kent... any recommendations????


We have recently set the date for our wedding of June next year. We are hosting the reception in our village hall, and want a laid back, relaxed kind of reception either a buffet or bbq.

I found two caterers which I thought would be fab- bbq food, which looked great- however both are booked.

I'm starting to get scared that we don't have enough time to get caterers booked now, and am starting to stress.

Does anyone have any recommendations for caterers bbq/buffet/other that cover Kent.

I would be eternally grateful as really need to get this booked now!



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    Hi Corduroygirl,

    My caterer is Scott Anderson and his food is amazing. He offers everything to formal sit downs to BBQ and afternoon teas.

    When we went for our tasting we were absolutly knocked out with the quality and flavour of his "creations" and is definitely well worth considering.

    Hope it helps


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    opps double post

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  • Thanks for your suggestion. I've just emailed him to check that he is avaiable on the date I need and will take it from there...
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