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Can anyone recommend a cake maker in South Devon?

Hi ladies,

can anyone recommend a cake maker in South Devon?

A family friend was going to make it but has let us down image Luckily we have 4 and a half months to go so time to sort something else out.

Could anyone help?

Silver25 x


  • flowermoonflowermoon Posts: 2,035
    I have used Carolyn Sansom at

    She is based in Ivybridge. Totally fab!! We took a pic of the cake we wanted (seen in a magazine) and she is going to copy it for us with our additions on it too!! Really can't recommend her enough!! xx
  • Thanks, flowermoon. Is that Kitley House in your picture? We are holding our reception there next April!
  • LottiukLottiuk Posts: 1,083
    I am making my own cake!

    but i buy my cake stuff from Crafty Cakes in exeter and I know they make lots of wedding cakes. They made my friends wedding cake last year and it was fab!

  • We are getting married at Kitley also!!! We too are using Caroline Sansom, totally lovely lady

  • Thanks, MrsRobbins2B. Great to meet another Kitley bride!

    We met with Carolyn a few weeks ago and she was great - all booked now!

    Silver25 x
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