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Hi all

We are having a small wedding - with no additional evening guests.

h2b said this morning that he thinks it might be weird as we are having some traditional parts of the wedding and not others. When i asked what he meant he said hes worried it won't flow!

we are getting married at the hotel where the reception is to be held, having a wedding breakfast, evening entertainment and evening food. The only traditional things where not having are receiving line, cake cutting and first dance. I don't think that it would be too noticeable to not have these and think the wedding co-ordinator will make it flow anyway (thats what they do!).

What does everyone think??!!


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    Hi ya! I think what your doing is perfectly fine! Not everyone has a first dance (h2b trying to get out of that one me thinks but he wont) or cuts the cake or has a recieving line - i dont think it would be weird at all! Im not having a receiving line myself!! The great thing about weddings these days is you can have exactly what you want and its unlikely to look out of place or 'weird'. Just remeber that its your day and you can have what you want.

    L xx
  • Hi

    It's your wedding, and you should be able to include or exclude any traditions that you like.

    Plenty of people no longer have the cake cutting (just look at the amount of companies offering non-traditional wedding cakes - lots already in individual portions).

    Have been to about 10 weddings in the last 3 years, and none have had a receiving line.

    Ultimately, if you are having music then there will have to be a first dance whenever the first song is played, but if you don't feel comfortable getting up alone in front of all your guests, just rope the rest of the wedding party into joining you, and tell the DJ to invite everyone else up after the first verse.

    Your wedding co-ordinator, should be able to create you an itinary to ensure the guests don't even notice, that's what you're paying them for!!!

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    We are doing the same. I don't like the thought of things being too formal so am not having a receiving line. Want to save money and don't really like wedding cake so no cake. And boyfriend would rather die than do a slow dance so we are getting everyone on to floor for first dance!
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    thanks girls!!

    sometimes you just need your mind putting a ease don't you! x
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