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Decent Disposable Cameras

Does anyone have any reccomendations on decentish disposable cameras they have perhaps used and where the pictures turned out ok and where you got them from?Im thinking of having some for the reception..also what do you think if I don't have one per person but do one for every single person and then one per couple to save a bit?I know for a fact that some of our older generation guests won't end up using them anyway....I have a budget of 2.50 per camera...don't want to waste the money though if the quality of the pics will be pants!


  • I've never found the quality that great, but at a wedding I recently went to, they had put out addressed and stamped envelopes with a blank cd in it and handed them out at the end of the night, as most people these days have digital cameras. Everyone just downloaded their pictures and sent them to the couple...who then got to choose which ones they wanted to print rather than wasting money on printing blurred and unrecognisable pics! Would def cost you less than the £2.50 per camera?

  • I have always experienced disposable cameras as a waste of time as ppl have really good digital cameras these days

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  • We are doing the disk in an envelope thing for our guests but we also have got 10 disposable cameras from boots. They were £30 for the pack of 10 but would have been £45 if we'd got them individually. We will also get 1000 boots points which works out at £10 towards getting them developed. Instead of getting them developed as prints we plan to get the images from the disposable cameras put onto disk in Boots, that way we get the best of all worlds and can just print off what we want when we've been through them all. Originally we weren't going to bother with disposables, but what wedding album is complete without the random disposable camera shots!!

  • what a lovely idea of both worlds!

  • LauriukLauriuk Posts: 463
    I never thot of the blank cd and getting people to put the pics on discs,, i will def consider that.. I loved the wow cameras you got for klick but i heard they have all shut down,, it was a fiver for 1 but that was free processing,,,

  • katkiss that is a great idea and boots advantage points Im definitely excited now!!
  • OzSazOzSaz Posts: 78
    we plan to get the ushers to hand our some memory sticks (very cheap from ebuyer) to the people taking lots of picks, then ask them to return the memory sticks to us once theyve downloaded the pics. The quality of people digital camera pics will be loads higher than the disposable camera ones. It's all so exciting!!
  • We got a pack of 10 from confetti for I think £20 - £25, so there was 1 on each table and then a couple spare for the evening which was more than enough! I would say 80% turned out brilliantly, they got more blurred as the evening went on and more alcohol flowed! We processed them at boots so earned super advantage points aswell!

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