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Fun wedding theme! ideas for decor please!


we have decided to have a fun wedding theme. we are having a daytime wedding with afternoon reception, to finish around 6pm when most guests go home and we take our frineds to a house we have hired to do some serious partying! (lots of kids invited so this is best way to do it or half our guests will have to either leave early or get babysitters for evening reception)

the reception is a large hall with huge garden. we are going to get some outdoor games i.e giant jenga, quoites etc and kids entertainer.

how do i decorate the hall though? need ideas for centrepeices, and other decs...any ideas welcome!



  • what about having sweetie necklaces as napkin rings? have you got a colour scheme yet?
  • lol! good idea, no colour scheme yet! or rather it has changed so often i have forgotten what i want!
  • FeeukFeeuk Posts: 413
    Hi curlyclaire,

    I can tell from your enthusiasm you will definitly achieve your "fun" theme!!

    Ideas that I've thought of (some might depend on your budget though!)

    Bouncy castle, magician, cariacturist, sweets in a fishbowl for centrepieces (have seen this with marshmallows which looked good!), a sweetie station (you see a theme!!), big clip frames filled with photos of you and H2B as kids etc and as many of your guests as poss (did this at my wedding at it went down really well!), something like a treasure hunt for the children, colourful bunting strung round the room...umm, can't think of anything else but it might get your creative juices flowing!! x
  • ljb09ljb09 Posts: 27
    try for ideas,they sell everything you could ever want for a party and more!its really not expensive either.
  • 1. We are having a Selection of Disney movies playing on a screen for little ones to be able to watch.

    2. For room decor what about colourful bunting or paper chains (children could even makes these in advance for you!) Inflatables, you can get so many different things these days Palm tress and such like. Bubble machine (Ive always wanted one of these!)

    3. Comics and Books for kids in colourful boxes to rumage and read.

    4. Either a cookie or bun decorating table, one of the sites i looked at wedding cakes on had a lady you could hire to come with all equipment to keep kiddies happy. Also a walkabout Magician or ballon modeller.

    4. Ooh what about Fancy Dress for all children attending, would make great fun photos!

    5. Pass the parcel for all the guests to play.

    6. Popcorn machine with cones, Candy floss.

    7. Instead of the usual ballons you could have character ballons and have childrens favourites.

    Get a book on childrens parties for ideas of fun themes and decor too!

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  • CurlylydCurlylyd Posts: 1,465
    Someone on here did an Alice in Wonderland theme, and had loads of garden games and bunting and stuff. Try and find the thread, it sounded fantastic, and I bet there would be loads of ideas.
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