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String quartet?? Help!

Hello ladies,

For some reason I am having a full on stress-attack that I initially wanted a string quartet and seem to have totally forgotten about it until today!

I'm getting married in Aug 09 so got a little while but am guessing should find one sharp-ish and put a deposit down. Can anyone help give me a guideline of how much they cost? Am thinking I'd like them playing as I walk into the church, during the signing of the register and also for an hour as my guests arrive at the reception.

I've had a quick google search and they all seem so expensive - do you think it's a must-have if the pennies will stretch or an unnecessary avoidable cost???? HELP!

Also if anyone knows of any good quartets in East Anglia then I'd be grateful if you can message back.

Thanks :\) :\) :\) xx


  • SarahSukSarahSuk Posts: 1,667
    Chill !!

    I live in Near Colchester and am having these guys -

    I saw them at a wedding fayre and was really impressed - there prices are -

    1hr -£400

    3hrs - £ 475

    4hrs - £535

    we are having them for three hours ( I think that is the r egular amount of time)

    Good Luck !
  • BambagirlBambagirl Posts: 7,506
    Here's an even cheaper solution: Go & make enquiries at your local Further Education College about music students. Somebody posted on this site ages ago that she did this and got a great quartet at a fraction of the price by getting students. You can even get younger ones from the local High School or Comprehensive School. Ask amongst children & teenagers, they'll have ideas for you!

    Find out who the local music teachers are in your locality, ask if you can put a card on their noticeboard. Or put a card up in the local music shop. Good luck!

    Bambagirl x
  • Also sting trios are just as good and slightly cheaper.

    For me the sounds of a string trio adds a bit of magic/ class. Im getting marred in a hotel and i felt it needed somthing.

    I have given up chair covers and sashes to have the sting trio as it was so much more important to me.
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