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Weddings in Essex - good venues?

Hi there,

Anyone here getting married in Essex? Me and the H2B are going to see venues over the next couple of weekends and I was wondering if anyone had any advice about any of the following or has been married there?;

- Greenwoods Estate, Stock

- The Lawn, Hockley

- Channels Golf Club, Chelmsford

- The Reid Rooms, Chelmsford

- Mary Green Manor, Brentwood

- Langtons, Hornchurch

- Newland Hall, Chelmsford

- Boreham House, Chelmsford

- Orsett Hall

We want to have around 70 guests for the ceremony and wedding breakfast, and then about 140 in the evening.... all these places say they have the capacity for this but I know too well that just because they CAN accomodate all these people, it does not mean that it will be comfortable!!

Any advice greatly received.

Thanks ladies xx


  • Hi, I am also currently looking at venues in essex so far we have seen Langdon Hills Golf Club - SO far this is our favourite it was beauitful and a really good price. You have your own private entrance and its perfectly big enough for your numbers. The are having a wedding fayre there on 15th Feb you should take a look. We also saw Maylands (straight after Seeing Langdons) so we was not that empressed and got the empression that they did not know what they were talking about!

    We are going to have a look at Ivy Hill Hotel, Ye Olde Plough Inn and The old rectory tomorrow so Ill let you know how I get on.

    Where about s in essex are you from? and have you set a date yet?

    Em x
  • Hi Em,

    I'm from Southend but originally from Romford so I have a lot of family in Romford/Hornchurch/Barking way. All the big venues seems to be in Chelmsford which is kind of far for everyone!! Where are you from?

    I know someone who got married at Ye Olde Plough and it was a lovely wedding image)

    It's difficult because it's all so bloody expensive and we've just bought a house so we are on a bit of a budget.

    We are thinking of the last weekend in March 2011 (far off but we need to save!!)

    Have you set a date?

  • Hi chloelouise

    I'm getting married at the Reid Rooms this summer. I think it would def be big enough for your numbers. WE are having 90 during the day and another 30 in the evening. The ceremony room is a little small so we think about half will have to stand but it's only for a short while. There are lots of different rooms there and an outdoor courtyard so I think it would easily hold all your evening guests and they wouldn't all have to be in the same part of the building.

    We were attracted to the Reid Rooms because it's got an intimate homely feel and you get exclusive use. Also, you don't have to have a set package so we are providing our own wine and saving a fortune. If you are on a budget as you say, you could consider a weekday wedding perhaps? We are getting married on a Monday and it is costing us a quarter of the price, plus we get the bridal suite and the ceremony for free.

    We only saw one other venue but knew the Reid Rooms was what we wanted as soon as we walked in the door. Hope that helps.
  • Hi All

    Im getting married, 23rd July 2010 we have booked Leez priory chelmsford, its just buitifull, I would reccomend this venu to anyone, to at least view.
  • Hi im getting married in Langdon Hills golf club In sept and this was the best we saw. The ppl they are really helpul. any more information just ask me.
  • Hi there

    we get married in october and are having our day at Stock Brook Manor - we have 90 people during the day and 130 in the evening. We are using the rosewood suite - the people there are just amazing. We first wanted a september wedding but the wedding co-ordinator there said if we moved the wedding to first week in October we could have it for half price. So we moved it and we have got such a good deal that it has meant that we can spend money on other things.

    Give them a call or go and see them have a chat about your budget and I am sure they can arrange something for you

  • catseyesukcatseyesuk Posts: 1,821
    hiya i got another one for you lol. im getting married at maidens barn ( will hold 200 people. you get to supply your own drinks for the wedding breakfast and toasts then theres a pay bar in the evening. You arent stuck with one caterer you choose one out of about 10 from a list they give you and the lady who owns it is sooo helpful i email her at least once a week with questions. It might be worth looking at. Seemed to work out cheaper than the leez priory type places (no offence to anyone its soooo stunning just way over my budget)
  • hey i'm getting married in Langdonn Hills Golf club too next year.. its absolutely gorgeous, very highly recommended
  • Have you considered Maylands Golf Club in Harold Wood?

    Been invited to a wedding there in September and it looks nice from the website
  • Hi, I'm a Leez Priory bride too. Would definately recommend having a look at it! Simply stunning. xx
  • LouH2BLouH2B Posts: 95
    Another to add to your list!

    We're getting married at Layer Marney Tower near Colchester... Its beautiful (though i am rather biased!) They are having a wedding fayre this sunday as well!

    Lou x
  • MrsSheepTeaMrsSheepTea Posts: 2,449

    We are also getting married at the Reid Rooms this summer!! When is your wedding?

  • SarahSukSarahSuk Posts: 1,667

    Which part of Essex would you like to get married in ??

    Leez Priory has won ' best venue in the u.k for 2years running in wedding ideas magazine. I know lots of people that have been married there. ( it is stunning).

    Or Layer Marney Towers - Yes they have a wedding fayre this Sunday - ( i'm going ) even though I'm not gettin married there.

    Have you thought about Prested Hall ? ( but this is Colchester end ) didn't know if you want to travel that far ??

    Or Gosfield Hall ??

    Hope this helps x
  • EmlarEmlar Posts: 1,581

    i get married at stockbrook on 2th march this yr -

    we looked at greenwoods and i fell in love with the place... its absolutely gorgeous with exclusive use and stunning bedrooms....

    we had 90 for the day and theres not a chance they would have fit in! we were gutted.

    the bit inside (library) where they would hold the ceremony holds 50. you could prob push for 60. or you can get married outside using their gazebo. not such a limit on numbers then. they have 2 rooms to have the wedding b'fast in. the main one is long a thin - reckon you could fit 70 at a push. or you go back to the library and have the dinner served in there, but the room is split in half witha wall... so not great.

    OR you can hire the marquee. which holds 250 people... and costs.....


    £185 PER PERSON!!!!!!! suffice to say when it came down to it, realistically it was too small for our numbers, OR ridiculously expensive!

    would be a perfect venue for 50 guests tho. it is lovely! lol

    we looked at three rivers, five lakes hotel and stockbrook as well.

    wish i hadnt have given up the search so qucikly... still... took 3 months to decide! wish i had have looked at channels (we are staying here our wedding night) friern manor and fennes.

    good luck!
  • We got married at Vaulty Manor, which is near Maldon, Chelmsford. Beautiful place, has accommodation on site for about 80 people and holds easily up to 300 during the day/night. Its an old converted barn and stables.
  • WheesieWheesie Posts: 846
    Hooray more Leez Priory brides! I'm getting married there on a special offer so its not working out AS expensive, a stunning venue was the most important thing for us and it fits the bill.
  • Hi Chloelouise1986,

    We have decided on the Fennes in Bocking near Braintree. It is just beautiful and we are having similar numbers to you, 80 in the day and then 140 in the evening. There is an open day there on 22nd Feb I'd say definately give it a look its stunning!!!

  • we are getting married at Friern Manor in Brentwood, Essex - they are very helpful, the food is amazing and compared to other venues is quite reasonable - as far as wedding costs can be!!
  • We went and veiwed some venues on friday Heres what I thought:

    Ivy Hill Hotel in Margaretting - venue was lovely you even have you own garden just for your guests but i was put off by the rude woman showing us around and also by her telling us that they add 15% service charge on top of your food and drink bill so in the end it was way out of our budget!

    Weald Park Golf CLub: this was really nice but there it was all up 2 flights of stairs and there was no toilets up there and NO BAR upstairs they said they would be able to put up a tempory one but i thought it would be a bit naff and there was no dance floor

    Warly Park Golf club: ABSOLUTLY AMAZING we loved it here the woman was soo helpful and told us everything we needed to know! and it is well within budget as it only costs £110 to hire the venue and then its £21pp for the wedding breakfast.

    We are now really stuck on wheather to book Langdon Hills or Warley Park!! HAs any one else been to a wedding reception at Warley Park?

    If anyone else needs anymore info please let me know!!

    By the way Chloelouise1986 im originally from Romford too! but i now live in Brentwood and we are planning to get married on 14th May 2011

    x x
  • tleliztleliz Posts: 32
    Is anyone havign or have had their reception at imageChigwell Hall - its the Met police sports grounds. We mainly chose thsi evnue because the grounds are amazing and other people, who have had weddings there have said that the food is good, which is important.

    Any views will be welcome.
  • MrsButler2B,

    Our wedding is Monday 17th August. What about you? Are you having the ceremony there as well? Did you go fo the inclusive package or have you organised it all yourself?

  • Have you thought about Hedingham castle or Le Talbooth, both really nice venues.

  • im getting married in prested hall in kelvedon. its lovely and we re having 70 people to day and aroend 130 evening but they can have more. you also get the ten ensuite bedrooms in the hire cost which is a bonus
  • brighty48brighty48 Posts: 105
    Hi, we are getting married at Boreham House as soon as we drove up through the gates we fell in love with it. We have 80 for the day and 140 for the evening, the house, the grounds and the pavilion are lovely and the staff have been fantastic so far.
  • Quoted:
    Hi Chloelouise1986,

    We have decided on the Fennes in Bocking near Braintree. It is just beautiful and we are having similar numbers to you, 80 in the day and then 140 in the evening. There is an open day there on 22nd Feb I'd say definately give it a look its stunning!!!


    Ooooh we're getting married at the Fennes too..9th Feb next year.

    What date is your's?

    And obviously, I agree its absolutley stunning!

  • My Bro and Sister in law 2B got married last August in Hockley and had the reception at Lord's Golf Club, also in Hockley. It had stunning views over the course and a lake and big tree to have photos by and under... I thought it was stunning.

    We didn't want to book the same place for our wedding in April, so we're bussing our guests to Canary Wharf for a boat trip. It's cheaper than some of the other venues we looked at!

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  • Hi Mrs Walters 2b!

    We are getting married on 28th dec 2010 which is ages away!! I'm so jealous that your wedding is earleir!!! HAHA!!I just love the Fennes so much!! I think about it every day!!xx
  • Hi we are having our reception at Blake Hall in Ongar, Essex, near Chelmsford. I love it, Its got so much character. We are having 100 to the day an a further 50 to the evening, Austin who runs it is amazing, he is even going to be our toast master. I no the day will be fantastic because Austin is so dedicated and professional. You should go and see it its lovely, we are also having a hog roast as it has lovely grounds. Good Luck hunting xx
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