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How to make the reception fun?

I want our reception to be as fun as possible! I thought about garden games, skittles etc. but am not sure the budget can stretch that far. So far I have: possibility of karaoke with the disco; a pack of playing cards will be placed on each table; each guest will have a card with an ice breaker question on to get the table conversation going. Any other ideas of how I could add in some fun without embarassing people or being cheesy or breaking the bank? Thanks! image


  • Hi there,

    You could maybe look at the other thread on this page about

    They do caricatures of the bridal party in advance and crosswords for the table. Its definately an icebreaker and seems to be quite reasonable!

  • well im going to have a belly dancer no one will expect that hehe
  • AzuraniaAzurania Posts: 667
    Go and buy some board games, I know you can get larger sized games like conncect4 etc. Google word games, I'm sure they will come up with loads of ideas. Or organize a traditional pub style quiz ; each table making up a team , you and your husband could read out the questions.

  • SarahSukSarahSuk Posts: 1,667

    I got the large garden games from ebay - They are really reasonable.

    Go and have a look

  • MrsTeach2BMrsTeach2B Posts: 1,306
    which seller on ebay did you use?
  • My wedding is in Wales, so I'm having a welsh choir before and after the ceremony. Then we're having an Elvis impersonater later on before the disco. Also having a candy bar instead of favours. Was thinking of having a casino table, but not sure if we have enough room..
  • I was thinking about this too, one of my bridesmaids has suggested having a messgae wall but I can't abide the thought of sticking and glueing at my wedding but then I found this company who do a hire package of 4 games for £195

    I guess they'll have other packages too, less games for a wee bit less money. I can't wait to have guests playing giant chess while drinking champagne!!!!
  • purplepunkukpurplepunkuk Posts: 3,187
    we had wedding trivia boxes on each table but initially i tried to mix the tables up a bit and put people on a table that i thought had things in common!!! we didn't try to make people have fun they just got in the wedding spirit and enjoyed the day their way!! our casino tables went down a treat in the evening!!

    Sian x x x x
  • Hi, don't know where you are based but I have ordered my garden games 3 for £40! I have giant connect 4, giant jenga and limbo, north west based. xx
  • Quoted:
    Hi, don't know where you are based but I have ordered my garden games 3 for £40! I have giant connect 4, giant jenga and limbo, north west based. xx

    where did you order them from, great value! looking at having something like this.
  • Hi there!

    Don't know what your buget is like but if you like the idea of a message wall without the glue and stuff then check out

    They do polaroid guest books, not cheap but I love the idea! Guests take a photo, slip it into the album and then write a message next to their photo. Albums available in range of colours too. I'm planning to use it for our wedding in July 2010.

    x x
  • Hi Mrsmiller2b, I have hired them from x
  • I love the polaroid ideas - I was planning on using the same sort of idea, but hanging the pictures on a tree (somehow), then the guests can write their message at the bottom or something, but I do love the book idea. May get the book and sort the rest out myself (seems expensive for the rest (camera, film etc).

  • You can get a professional cartoon drawn of the bridal couple at

    This can be in the form of a caption competition... gives the guests something to talk about!!
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    Have you got many children at the wedding? we are having a pinata for the children 2 bash - I've seen other wedding photos where the adults join in. They cost approx £20.

  • not sure when you are getting married but at the end of summer the supermarkets usually have lots of bits v cheap..i got a sports day set with hoops and sacks for £2 last year in tescos image

    im getting some giant bubble kits for the kids at ours..luckily can borrow a parachute from a friend for parachute games..and also space hoppers and frisbees which are reasonable image i think adults could enjoy these things too image

    your icebreakers sound fun image

  • froogiesfroogies Posts: 402 New bride
    thanks for all the ideas so far, everyone!
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