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Who's having pink??

I really love the colour pink and want to have pink flowers for our wedding. The problem is I can't decide what colour/shade of pink to have!

Our overall colour is ivory - my dress is ivory as is the little bridesmaids dresses, tablecloths, place cards and favour scrolls are all ivory with gold writing.

Can't decide on a very pale pink - will this look too "sugary" - or a more heather-y pink...what are you having?

Wpuld love to share some ideas!



  • jacquelienejacqueliene Posts: 6,350
    i think pink and ivory with gold would look stunning, id go for a mid pink, not too wishy washy as you want it to stand out aganst the ivory but not as dark as hot pink x
  • TJAsmumTJAsmum Posts: 93
    Thank you, thats what i was worried about, it being too washed out! I liked a fushia pink that I saw in a magazine at one point but H2B hates it so I have ruled that one out!
  • MrsG1986MrsG1986 Posts: 869
    I am, I am! I'm having hot pink and flashes of orange (its a summer wedding, and although it sounds hidious, i promise its not), but i think that what Mrs Scho has said about mid pink is right with gold and ivory. Anything pale will just blend in, where as hot pink will be too bold x
  • Laura0701Laura0701 Posts: 1,455
    i love hot pink and orange together its beautiful, i think ivory and pink will be nice but i agree mid pink xx
  • im having pink, but everything is pink, flowers, bm's dresses, stationary, mens cravats, favours, pretty much everything! xx
  • littlewulflittlewulf Posts: 2,061
    I'm having dolce vita roses which are pale and bright pink- best of both worlds!

    My BM's and all the decorative stuff is fuschia pink.
  • TJAsmumTJAsmum Posts: 93
    I love the pink in Mrs Scho 2b's link..and the dolce vita roses are lovely too.....
  • hi

    we are having baby pink, ivory and silver for our wedding in june 09

  • anyeleyesanyeleyes Posts: 461
    Im having a dusky pink, ivory and silver. I love dusky pink and cat waitto start looking for bits.
  • TJAsmumTJAsmum Posts: 93
    Hi mrsdouglas 2b and angeleys! Your dusky pink , is it sort of a heather colour??? This was one of the shades of pink i originallky had in you have pics ? x
  • melcon55melcon55 Posts: 141
    I'm having different shades of pink on the day!! having peonies in different shades inc ivory. My invites are ivory and a pale pink and my bridesmaid is in a cerise pink, my flower girls ivory!!

    My cake is ivory with ivory and different shades of pink flowers on it.

    just looks summery and vintage like.

  • TJAsmumTJAsmum Posts: 93
    Yes I wanted something summery too, our wedding is on 17th July how about you?

    I have been looking at cake designs and quite like the ones with roses in between the 2 tiers and a small display at the top? (in pink!!) Anyone else having flowers on their cake too?
  • melcon55melcon55 Posts: 141
    i'm 30th may cant wait!! do lovely cakes were getting what they call the striped delight but instead of green stripes we're having ivory.

  • i am also a fellow pink bride.hehe i'm having baby pink sweet akito roses for my bouquet, but they're not really pale. bridesmaids are also having baby pink sweet akito roses, and either hot pink or cream roses depending on what colour of pink they're dresses are when i eventually find some we all like.
  • SarahSukSarahSuk Posts: 1,667

    I am a pink girl to !! we are having a cerise and baby pink !

    we are just mixing and matching the two colours throughout the day,

    I love pink !!

  • BabyLuk1BabyLuk1 Posts: 259
    i really want fuschia pink to go with my white and silver theme.

    But... im struggling to explain the kind of fuschia I want- is it the same as hot pink, magenta, cerise???

    if anyone has any cake and bouquet pics in "fuschia" I'd really really appreciate it if they could post them up or attach links.

  • pink-angel15pink-angel15 Posts: 1,273
    This was my bouquet:

    I had captain romance calla lillies and raspberry pink roses.

  • TJAsmumTJAsmum Posts: 93
    Thats lovely! Very striking..what colour was your dress etc ?? x
  • pink-angel15pink-angel15 Posts: 1,273
    Hi TJA'smum,

    My dress was ivory with silver/clear crystals and my colour theme was silver, white and pink. I love pink and I wanted a bold colour against the silver/white. Boys had grey suits with silver waistcoats and groom silver cravat, best men the deep pink. Sister had silver/platinum bm dress. Had silver and pink ostrich feathers with pink calla lillies and silver heart picks for the table centrepieces and silver favour boxes with pink ribbon....oh pink and silver everything!

  • im having dusky pink and ivory too, so excited!!! xxx
  • TJAsmumTJAsmum Posts: 93
    Mrs Pink Angel I love the pink on your dress is ovory too but with gold not silver, still worried that this would be too much of a contrast and therefore reckon i will end up going for a more mid pink. Which is gorgeous as well of course!!
  • pink-angel15pink-angel15 Posts: 1,273
    ah, thank you. I think a lovely dusky/antique pink would look beautiful with the gold accent on your dress, goodluck with all your pink weddings!

  • TJAsmumTJAsmum Posts: 93
    What does everyone think about the 2 bouquets shown on this link??

    3rd row down, the Pink and Ivory roses or the Dusky Pink roses?

    To go with my ivory/gold theme..

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