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Bare venue, ideas for decoration? WHERE TO START! EEK help!

Hi Girls

I am getting married at my local church in Lincoln and the reception venue is at branston hall hotel just outside Lincoln.

The reception venue, where we are having the wedding brerakfast and disco in the evening is a plain room with green carpets.

Our wedding colours are ivory and black with touches of hot pink and silver.

I would really like to create a lovely romantic ambiance, with fairytale lighting, soft tuille, and flowers..

I have absolutley no idea how to start thinking of decorating the room.. How do I get some inspiration?

I am on a budget, so will be recreating it myself.. just need ideas. PLEASE HELP!!!


  • suewallsuewall Posts: 68
    Here's some of the idea's I've found: Try ebaying all of these:


    - fairy lights - drapped over branches

    - flying lanterns -

    - Church candles of various sizes

    Linen and fabrics

    - go to a local market and pick up lengths of material - use a staplen gun and pin the material up around the ceiling to give a softer effect. Match materials on table linen etc.


    - Mirrors under lights / candles reflect light back into the room

    - using plants / leaves and spraying them with gold pain / white snow effect can make interesting decorations

    - use petals and sprinkle them over tables / walkways

    Just a few things to get your started...goodluck


  • supertabbysupertabby Posts: 1,125 New bride
    Doodledunk has covered what I would say anyway. I'd just add to check with your venue what you can and can't do, before you spend your money on decoration materials. The venue might not allow you to use any staples, pins, tape etc on their walls. If this is the case, are there plenty of windows? You could drape around the curtain poles, etc, and look around the room for other places where you could attach things without causing any damage - picture hooks that sort of thing.
  • Shell19ukShell19uk Posts: 676

    Mine is also a bare venue with blue & gold chairs so I've used that as my starting point.

    I'm covering all my tables & chairs, I have then bought chair bows in blue & gold & these will alternate.

    I have bought mirrored tiles (very cheap) from Ikea & also plain glass vases (again from Ikea 97p each) and am filling them with water absorbing crystals in blue & then have some floralytes in them (ebay) from each vase an alternate colour ballloon is floating from them with the alternate colour ribbon (so if blue balloon, gold ribbon) I then have 4 T-lights in plain glass holders (again Ikea) surrounding the vase on the mirror.

    I'm having lots of fairy lights (ebay) and glass bowls with floating candles in them and the water coloured in blue (but used the new kind of floating candle that you just put some oil in water - search on ebay for floating candles, effective and safer)

    I suppose I'm lucky in that my venue has several very high windows with sills & I can place my bowls on them & they are well out of the way from anyone so to reduce the dangers etc (but with these candles if they spill etc they go out?)

    In total I've spent about £80 & my venue hold 200+ people, I've just trawled through ebay and Ikea was fab, plus the sale is still on so again saved a fortune

    Hope it helps

    Shell x

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