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Wedding Guest Books

I've been searching for ages.....can anyone suggest where to get one


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  • I bought mine from ebay. They have tonnes on there, some gorgeous ones and at good cheap prices too! Worth having a look. WHat type you after?
  • I've just found a lovely looking one on the BHS website for a fiver!!! Am going to have a look on Friday when I can get to one of the big stores.
  • I saw this thing in a magazine where the couple put those paper parcel tags on a table for people to write messages on. They had a vase full of large twigs with lights on next to it to look like a tree - when guests wrote their messages they hung them on the tree - it looks brilliant. Afterwards you would get all of the messages framed together to keep or put them into a book. Just an idea but I think it sounds quite nice =)

  • fayevfayev Posts: 63
    I like the magazine idea sounds lovely. I bought my wedding guest book at Past Times for a fiver sometime last year.

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  • riestarriestar Posts: 31
    hi got a lovely one from ebay - search for east of india small but very shabby chic! and only £4!
  • I'm thinking of getting mine from 'instant forever' on-line. Guests take polaroids of each other, put them in the book and write their message next to their picture.

    I think it will be a nice way of getting a close-up of all of the guests. Bit worried about kids getting hold of them and just running through the film!
  • voltsvolts Posts: 121
    Also seen the 'instant forever' book think it's a brillant idea!
  • penguinukpenguinuk Posts: 705
    I got ours in Tesco for under a fiver but have also seen them in dunelm for under £3!
  • Confetti website has some nice ones!
  • bride74bride74 Posts: 2,840

    Have a look at from yesterday..might help. x
  • This site has some nice one's, inc recycled (that don't look as if they have been recycled!)
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