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Any brides out there making a speech?

I am planning on making a speech at my wedding. Was wondering if anyone else is planning to or seen one done and what worked well i.e. funny/sentiment?

Also does anyone plan to sing at their reception?


  • nicandleenicandlee Posts: 1,743
    I'm thinking of doing the speech, but me and my H2B are going to keep it a secret.

    My H2B is scared with the thought of standing up in front of all our guests,but he may surprise me and change his mind.
  • EllyukEllyuk Posts: 293
    I'm thinking about it, not made my mind up yet. Where in the order of speeches were you guys planning to speak - post grrom and pre best man I was thinking.

    There's no way I'd sing though Angel - totally tone deaf!!!
  • I'm going to make one, its my day and i'm putting so much into it that i want to let people know how pleased i am that they are there sharing it with me and H2B
  • sarahbeeeuksarahbeeeuk Posts: 126
    Hi there

    I'd like to make one, mainly because it's all the men getting to stand up & say their piece at the mo and I'd like a turn! I have no clue what I plan to say and will probably end up looking daft but I think I'd regret it if not! xx
  • -Samiana--Samiana- Posts: 69
    I'm going to say one, also between the groom and best man.

    My Mum died in April & we're getting married in November. Also, my Grandfather is dying and won't be here when the wedding comes around and to cap it all off my other halfs Nan has just passed away.

    Thought I'd propose the toast to absent loved ones. I want my Mum to be prominent in my thoughts, without going OTT and upsetting myself and everyone else.
  • PippaukPippauk Posts: 146
    Saminana I'm sos orry for all your losses, it must be really hard for you. I think you making a toast is a great idea. I am planning to make a speech because I think it is sexist that all the men do and us women are just supposed to sit there. Also there are lots of people I want to thank personalyl rather than ahve my H2B do it for me. He does know about everything people have done for us in relation to teh wedding but he can't really understand the emotional support some of my friends have provided: as well as the little things like bothering to disucss tiny details with me even though they are boring. My H2B is really nervious too so if I take half od the things he is supposed to say he won't have to do so much and hopefully will feel a bit less scared.

  • Hiya

    I'm probably going to make a speech - I'll see how emotional I'm feeling first though!

    I would really like to thank a few people (but without overshadowing the groom!), particularly my husband himself, his family and especially my parents for hosting the day and setting such a great example of a happy marriage! I'd really like to toast them too image)

    I think if you are thinking about making a speech you should go for it if you can, as if you don't you'll probably regret it later. Obviously totally up to the individual and what they feel comfortable with though.

    I'm thinking that the good thing about a bride's speech is that there are no expectations placed on you!!

  • banana_jambanana_jam Posts: 2,215
    I think there are some things it makes much more sense for the bride to say: the groom's supposed to thank the bridesmaids and the bride's parents, but surely only the bride really knows how much they've helped her...?

    I want to make a speech, but one of my bridesmaids wants to as well (I think this is a great idea - and I think hers would be much better than the best man's!), and I don't want the speeches to go on for ever...!

  • Hell yeah I'm making a speech! Not a long one mind, just to thank everyone for coming and thank my H2B for being mad enough to marry me! I might talk about a few of the personal touches at our reception and why they're special to us etc. Just a iittle speech.x
  • KirstyGukKirstyGuk Posts: 27

    I went to a wedding where the bride gave a speech. She couldn't speak through her tears and it was all a bit uncomfortable.

    This is also probably the only time H2B gets to speak without me interrupting!

    As the grooms don't have huge amounts to organise or stress over they should get some of the pressure!

    Has anyone seen Jordan's wedding? She kept jumping up and making speeches. Not very demure for a bride.....

    But this is obviously just my opinion as most of the replies are all yes!

  • ive been to a number of weddings where the bride has made a speech and they all worked well.

    this is roughly what im gunna say.

    First of all thank you all for coming and thank you all for the lovely gifts, chris and i are so pleased you could all make it and join us on our special day... well as pleased as you can be about it costing 18pph for the cheapest drinks pacakage!

    Now for a qick list of thank you's... well as quick as i can!!

    Thank you so much to my cousin lisa for being my cheif bridesmaid, my best friend and my support through everything. She's not actualy eighteen until tommorrow everybody so she's drinking that champagne illegally!!! also i'm sure she wouldnt mind me saying that if there are any strapping young men out there... if your asking, she's dancing!!

    A huge thank you to the two best men scott and david.... basically just for bringing my husband back from amsterdam in one peice and for remembering to turn up today!!

    Chris and I would also like to thank both of our parents for all the hard work, help, support and cold hard cash they have given us!!

    Thank you to our son ethan jay for lighting up our lives, and not losing the rings on the way down the aisle!

    we have basically have a 'thank you' to send out to everyone here for one reason or another but i won't stand here all day, you all know that we appreciate everything you have done!

    and before i make my final thank you I would just like that say that there are a number of people who couldnt make it today. My nana winnie and granadad ray and chris's nana mary and grandad alan who are sadly no longer with us. These people were so close to us and ment so much. I know that they are here today watching, and i know that they are so happy to see our two families joined together at last.

    and now for my final thank you...I would like to thank the man who has showed me what love really means, the man who has held my hand through the good and the bad, the man who still makes my tummy do flip flops even after all these years, who makes me laugh, smile, and cry. The person who lights up every second of my day! My husband chris, the only man for me! thank you for making all my dreams come true!

    now every body please enjoy the day, and u better enjoy your favours as it took us months to decide what to give u all!!.... and dont forget... its 50p to ride the buckingbronco but the person who stays on the longest wins all the money!!

    Thats just what i put together the other day as a rough copy, it will be along those lines but better... i hope! x x x
  • MALLIKAukMALLIKAuk Posts: 88
    Hey Sparkling diamond,

    That was such a brilliant speech. Hilarious and touching at the same time. What you said about your partner was sooo sweet....there won't be a dry eye in the room image
  • alisonukalisonuk Posts: 39
    my god, i was nearly crying reading that, i thik your so brave to be able to say all that stuff, i just would be to emotional, i am going to say a quick thank you before the meal, even though the rest of the speeches will be after (I think thats my perogative) my mum died two years ago and i would love to mention her myself, but I just know i will cry and i dont want that, so i will leave it to my dad.
  • thanks very much angel and alison, im feeling more confident now, hehe.

    image Hopefully i should not cry im very good at holding back the tears so i should be ok, maybe just a little sniffle!!

    It will be nice for your dad to mention something, you really wouldnt be able to hold back the tears talking about that, hopefully your dad will do you all proud! :\)
  • DaddyorChipsDaddyorChips Posts: 9,196
    When i got married first time round i made a speech and cried like a baby lol
  • helenwileshelenwiles Posts: 215
    my wedding is this saturday (if you havent already seen the other post) and i wont be making a speech for the reason that i will probably cry throughout and dont want to look like a warbling arse!!

    besides im already worried im goin to cry during the vows and that i wont be able to get my words out.

    good luck to all you ladies who are xx
  • binnyukbinnyuk Posts: 53
    I am doing a speech co sits my special day too and I want to thank people personally rather than my husband to be doing it 'for me'-quite cappable of doing it myself, he does not likee the idea but as he keeps telling me he is scared stifless nd wants to get the speech over and done with as quick as possible, it is up to me to thank who i want to, properly !!!
  • rsgreenukrsgreenuk Posts: 13
    I'm a teacher and have to do assemblies so guessed this wouldn't be too difficult. I'm sayiong my thanks to my friends and in particular my parents who are footing the bill and it will then be their 35th anniversary two days after our wedding - think when I mention them that will be when i have a few tears!!
  • Sparklingdiamond: BRILLIANT!!!

    Viv: your pic under your name is hilarious!

    Had never considered making a speech - thought of standing up and saying something I've organised seems a little hair-raising! But having read everyone elses' ideas, may cunningly compose very very tiny speech of 2 lines and depending how I feel jump up and say it on the night.

    Thanks girls - you're inspiring!
  • thanks italia!!

    go on do it, u might regret it if u dont.... saying that u might regret it if u do!! lol. x image

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  • MrsPetuniaMrsPetunia Posts: 865
    I'm tempted to say somethng - I've got long enough to think about it though!

    Have been told by a toastmaster that the bride should speak after the best man (because the best man responds to the groom's speech so you might be getting in the way there). Good luck to everyone making speeches!
  • i'm going to make a speech. i have no family to thank but my freinds are my family. I thought it would be a lovely tiem to have them all together and thank them for being there over the years.
  • fidefide Posts: 42
    Sparklingdiamond: PERFECT

    that was funny, then the last bit made me cry.

    my h2b grandparents both died recently, his nan two years ago of cancer and his grandad in Feb of this year, what you said was perfect, i'd like to say something like that but i think things are still raw for his mum and we are marrying on his nan'a b'day, so everyone would end up in tears.

  • I amde a sppech though with everything else I had to do I left it a bit last minute and ended up finishing it on the morning of the wedding when I was surprising ly calm about it. Am really glad I did a speech- it was a matter of principle that I did as I think it is wrong when it is just the men speaking!!
  • Anyone else heard the same as Petunia_uk? I'm doing a speech and was planning on doing it after groom and before best man, but not sure now.
  • Saint-BertieSaint-Bertie Posts: 6,678
    oh I wasn't planning on doing a speech, don't mind the men doing that bit!

    My mum is doing a speech, mainly cos my dad will prob mess it up like he did at my sisters. She's a comedy writer so it should be good!

    H2b will thank everyone for us (he'll be given a list!) and those who have particularly helped me will get a private thanks and pressie for all their effort.

    Well done to those who are though!!!
  • tammy1uktammy1uk Posts: 33
    I'm glad I looked in on the chat room today as i have now found inspiration for my bridal speech. I think everyone i know is a bit shocked at me wanted to say my piece, but I have to say my little bit on the day..:\)
  • KT2BKT2B Posts: 220
    I'm a real softie and Sparklingdiamond, your speech had me in tears, and smiling too at the humourous bits - go for it!

    H2b is very shy and is going to read his entire speech! I am accustomed to public speacking, so don't feel too shy about doing a speech on the day and would like to. When H2b and I were joking about me doing a speech, I said I could open just before him to say "... seeing as I wear the pants in the relationship, I'll be doing the grooms speech" and see everyone's reactions! and then thank everyone blah blah and handover to him.

    BUT Instead, seeing as I don't completely wear the pants, I'll see if I can come up with something a little more respectful (Seeing as I will have just sworn to honour him!) image Bless xxx
  • susiequksusiequk Posts: 229
    hi i'm definatly making a speech but with now only 10 days to go and i've still not written it or had chance to think about it yet it's getting a wee bit scary. but i will get up even if it is just to say my thank yous! i'm the one hwo has put most of the work and worry into the day so i'm not going to sit quiet on the day! ha

    not sure when to speek but think it will be after my dad, as it will be quick and so as not to get in the way of the gromo best man thing. but will I be able to speak after my dads? i have a tendancy to cry at the littlest things so no doubt will cry when my dad gives a speach. so we'll see

    i think i'll organise a signal with the toast master as to wether to anounce me then or later

  • RandomBunnyukRandomBunnyuk Posts: 2,096
    I think I will do an informal speech. My H2B isn't keen, we can't find a best man as noone one to do a speech, and I'd love to have my say on the day and thank everyone! To me a wedding is about the uniting of two families and declaring your love infront of of them. So I want to make sure they all know that. I think actually that will be one of the most important bits to me on the day, the rest is just a party really.
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