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How much would you pay for a singer???

My friend recommended a singer. We went to see him and he was great. exactly what we were after.

I asked him today how much he charges. He said for a wedding £750. Is this too much? I can't help but think this is alot of money.

Is there anyone else having a singer and how much would you expect to pay??????

Any recommendations for a band in East sussex or in the area????

Thanks :\?:\?:\?:\?




  • mrsjwoodmrsjwood Posts: 17
    Hi Louise,

    I suppose it depends what it includes. I've just been quoted the following and I'm waiting for prices for some others:

    Daytime: playing for wedding breakfast or drinks reception- a mixture of piano, piano and vocals. £250

    Evening: 2 x 45min shows ( 1st swing spot usually up to buffet, 2nd spot dance.) £ 400

    A combination of the two : £550

    I hope this helps (I'm in Cheshire by the way)

    Julia x
  • hey ladies,

    so whilst i wait for the brother to check out the venue, i have been looking at wedding singers and harpists......i want a harpist to play on arrival at venue for drinks reception, and during guests taking their seat during meal, then ill ask venue to play a michael buble/similar cd during the meal, and fthen for the first dance I want to hire a swing singer (i quite fancy, anyone ever booked him?...) so i guess that singers only last a couple of hours so for last couple of hours then a dj..i know that sounds like a lot of extra cost but i think i need music the whole time..what is everyone else having??

    Also, has anyone booked a harpist, and roughly how much they cost...the singer should be around £300, and the DJ prob £150 so just want to figure out the harpist cost...?? xx

  • handbag007handbag007 Posts: 436
    Hi Louise, ours is costing around £550 for a singer and dj, very similar to what Juila mentioned above, this is also in the cheshire area.

    Were having James Barlow, if you google 'james barlow wedding singer' you'll see his sight.

    Good luck x

  • Hi Louise

    I guess it depends on what they are offering you. Is he singing with a band, or an instrument or just using backing tracks. Is he professional, Semi-pro etc. Personally if he is just singing to Backing tracks then i would say this is quite expensive, if he's with a band though then i would say that is about right, depending on how long he is doing. I used to sing in a band of 3 girls, we came with a DJ for the evening and did 3 x 45 min sessions, we would normally charge about £650 for this....if that helps put it in to perspective at all.

    Good luck xx
  • Gracie_bukGracie_buk Posts: 488
    i think it depends on feel, we are having Dom Brister (looked at James Barlow but Dom was closer and we'd seen him-WOW)

    Dom is sorting out all our music for the day, from walking down the Aisle, through the ceremony and signing of register, piano and guitar through drinks and photos, music during our breakfast (background music) then live singing and disco through the evening till 1am. so 12 hours in total.

    playing and singing the music we want playing, combined with what he knows works from experience.....

    we've seen him at friends weddings and other functions and I think that £1000 for the day is great.

    Sorry if this is too high,but I do think it depends on skills and abilities, Dom covers over 600 songs as well as full DJ'ing and lighting.

    I sound like an ad, but been away a while and its nice to get exctied about the night again;)

    Gracie xXx

    Good luck!

  • hey,

    we've been quoted £850 cheapest for a singer/band and the most expensive being £3,000! Some of the more expensive acts will only play 2 x 45 min sessions so we'd still need to get a dj!

    We can't find a decent cheaper singer/band anywhere. Wedding is in Edinburgh.

  • Gracie_bukGracie_buk Posts: 488
    you could always ask the guy we are using... I guess there'll be a travel addition, but he's travelled all over europe for weddings. he dj's too so its all in one... worth a look

    feel free to email me if you like.

    £3k though! thats crazy, although I guess big band stuf has loads of instruments/players etc.....

    people must pay it if they're quoting that;) (lucky huge budgeters;))

    Gracie xXx

  • Hey, yeah £3k is so expensive! We are kind of stuck for entertainment, who have you got? We were hoping to get something for £1000 or a bit less. It's so stressful!

    i'm new to this so not sure where email addresses are etc!?

  • Gracie_bukGracie_buk Posts: 488
    underneath my post there should be an email button, or use [email protected]

    I dont know how much Dom would charge for travel, but know he does travel....

    Good luck, either email me through this button, or direct on the one I've written, no probs at all!
  • We saw a singer at a local restaurant in Essex a few weeks ago and he was amazing, he was on the piano and then the guitar and as background music throughout a meal was perfect. I grabbed his card on the way out and emailed him, he came back to me and quoted £300 for 3 x 45 minute sets which I thought was well worth it. We are also after a band for the evening but are being particular about what we have, so good rock/indie covers - Killers, Oasis, Bon Jovi, Jam etc - basically not loads of cheese! It turned out that this guy also played in a band that does exactly that - and our first dance is in their play list which won my H2B over! So for him to sing througout the day and then the band in the evening its £1800. It seems a lot I know but as big music people this was one of the things we were prepared to blow the budget on and having already heard the lead singer and also live demo's via their website I couldn't be more happy!!
  • VJSwedVJSwed Posts: 159
    My wedding is in Devon but my singer is coming down from Sheffield. It's a singer and DJ (husband and wife) team. They were charging £850 but got it down to £700 for 5 hours combination and he sounds really good.
  • Oh thanks for that everyone,

    We was quoted £750, we only wanted him for 4 hrs. So I guess one singer and a little DJig is a bit expensive.

    Talking to some of my friends they think a DJ would be better. not just because it's cheaper but my guests will be more likely to get up and dance. There are some great ones out there too. We can choose our own songs aswell.

    Thanks again.

  • Gracie_bukGracie_buk Posts: 488
    who did you have a look at in the end Ellieimage

    you have to go what feels right in your gut I reckon!

    good luck finding the right one, you'll know when you do

  • shazza21shazza21 Posts: 4,138
    Hi Ellieone,

    We got married last year and had a disco and also my friends son is a singer and did 2 x 45 mins with different styles of music he does swing stuff and also upto date stuff and everybody loved him i dont know how much he normally charges but will add a link for you if it helps ? xx

  • EbansmummyEbansmummy Posts: 1,227
    Were having a Rat Pack singer who does his own djing as well. Two sets of 45 min singing then the rest djing, £375. He is also traveling to Shrewsbury to do it from down south and we could of had him from 3 o'clock if we wanted. xx
  • Thanks shazza21 I will have look.

    Thanks everyone.

  • Lots of interesting information here.  When it comes to price you have to work to your budget and it is always cheaper to find someone local as it can be expensive if the band or singer have to travel a long distance.  When it comes to price £250 is a good price and £750 may appear expensive but not if the quality of the performance is worth it.  I work as a wedding singer and charge £500.  I believe this is a good price considering my experience, level of expertise and vocal talent, It doesnt mean I am better than someone charging less or worse than someone charging more. Professional musicians are able to govern their fees as are many other wedding suppliers. Having a DJ is great expecially if they are good at what they do but I do believe you can't beat live music whether it be a singer, Harpist or full band.  Recorded music is great but not quite the same.



    AJ Lewis x

  • The price seems to depend on a few things:

    1. It's a wedding so lots of singers charge more as they expect guests to be a pain and jump on the microphone, it automatically makes them charge more.

    2. Distance, travel costs, accommodation fees etc.

    3. Equipment hire, do they own their own? Have to hire and then include any delivery/ transportation costs.

    4. How much say you get in their performance? 

    5. Are you going through an agency? They will add their own costs.

    we first saw our artist 2 years ago at a family 50th and then tracked him down through Facebook, we liked his voice and style so weren't fussed what songs he actually sang but if you are and if you want peace of mind and a stress free time in the run up to your big day and have the funds, I would go with a professional wedding band, if however you are on more of a budget, check out your local venues, a website that has helped friends is lemonrock, you can set your area, budget and music preferences. it will then notify you of local gigs in your area.

    a cheaper option does not mean a bad performance, it may just mean it's not their full time job. Definitely go see and hear them before you book.

  • Jill2Jill2 Posts: 20

    Hi, I think £750 is too much! I have booked a singer for my wedding from Abnormally Funky band and the band were £1200 for the evening and the singer for the afternoon was £250. Thats for a wedding on the kent london border. Hope that helps.

    Jill xOx

  • Hey everyone, I'm a new tribute act singer located in Solihull/Birmingham and I'm doing my first wedding show on Sunday and could use some advice, I'm a Michael Buble tribute called buble reborn and I was thinking cause I'm new to the business I would charge something like: £350 for an hour, £500 for 2 x 45 min sets and £600 for 2 x 1 hour sets, does that sound reasonable? 

    Keep in mind I'm not new too singing, I have done gigs just not weddings

    Thanks in Advance


  • I booked an amazing female singer for my wedding at 

    I went for her diamond package which included three sets of singing and a disco. She also provided stunning backdrops and scene setters plus a projector to display photos in the background for £450. Stunning voice too.


  • Hi Everyone, I'm an experienced singer just browsing through and came across this article which was very interesting to read. I'm not here to advertise, but I usually do 2 x 45 minute sets and I also DJ for the evening as well all for £599 (price can be slightly more if I have to travel long distance). Prices are usually more for some acts as it depends on all the prep work before and after the event. Hiring a Singer or a DJ are probably one of the smallest expenditures on a wedding budget; the venue being the most. Just make sure you find someone punctual, professional and flexible to suit your big day.

    I also provide a full disco & lighting set-up as well as a PA System etc. If you are interested by any chance, please head over to my website I have been a support act for Katherine Jenkins on 2 occasions & have also won a TV Talent show on BBC 2 Called Let Me Entertain You (it was like BGT, before BGT came to our screens).

    Many Thanks!

    Matthew :)

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