Chair Covers

Has anyone booked and/or used design4else chair covers for their wedding?

Feedback would be appreciated.



  • BlueBettyukBlueBettyuk Posts: 56
    Thanks missapj, I did get them on ebay. This isn't the same person but it is pretty much the same text and picture etc. Do you think they are fake then?

    I have e-mailed them as I have paid a deposit. I'm not so much worried about the money but more worried about having to source chair covers at the last minute (or not having any).

    Anyone else heard of this company? I have no real reason to doubt them, just a funny feeling about a few things not matching up etc.

    Positive feedback would be appreciated!

  • Hi not used this company but just got married and used Fantastic service very reasonable and helpful too!

    Our venue looked fab and they are putting our pics on their website. Worth a look x

  • missapjmissapj Posts: 668
    I am sure its not fake they just genrally use the same format, the only company that i have heard bad reviews on is j&r chair covers but otherwise other companies seem to be fine from the reviews.
  • Dawn59Dawn59 Posts: 1

    Hi did you use design 4else 

    was there any good ?

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