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Any Scottish Brides?

Anyone getting married in Scotland? If so where?

I'm getting married beside Loch Lomond at Ross Priory in 4 days time!

Seona x


  • Junior_Junior_ Posts: 95
    I am getting married in Glasgow's west end in 27 days (according to my little thing on yyw web) Hope it all goes well for you
  • lexyuklexyuk Posts: 62

    I'm west end glasgow too, mine saying 23 days as we speak! oohhhh!

    busybride - 4 days you must be excited!

    fabfee - where are you being married / reception?

  • lynnmckaylynnmckay Posts: 252

    I'm getting married in Aberdeen next June.

  • RandomBunnyukRandomBunnyuk Posts: 2,096
    I'm getting married in Banchory next July, I live in Aberdeen!
  • lynnmckaylynnmckay Posts: 252
    Hi Randombunny,

    I'm getting married in Castle Fraser and reception at Norwood Hall. Where is your wedding / reception? Where do you stay in Aberdeen? We are in Cults.

  • I'm getting married in Blantyre near Glasgow and my reception is there too

    Julie x
  • emma26507emma26507 Posts: 24

    im getting married ijust outside cubernauld, may next year. I live in scotland between dundee & aberdeen. Hope everyones day goes perfectly for you all

    x emma x
  • coatesukcoatesuk Posts: 81
    I am getting married in Wemyss Bay and then the reception in The Gailes Hotel, Irvine on 17th August 07.
  • gryffengryffen Posts: 43
    Originially from Kirkcaldy here =)

    Getting married in Glasgow and the reception is there too. 368 days to go!!! **gulps**
  • RandomBunnyukRandomBunnyuk Posts: 2,096
    Hiya Honeybee,

    I'm getting married at the Woodend Barn in Banchory, we're having the reception and ceremony there. We tried to look into castles as there's so many around there, but none of them were really suitable/affordable for what we wanted.

    I live in Cornhill, near the hospital. Originally from Bristol but moved up here in January to be with H2B!

  • MrsJooMrsJoo Posts: 2,196
    yes me!

    Getting married in Dalhousie Castle, nr. Edinburgh!

    20 oct 07!!!

    SO excited!!!!

  • 2 days to go. Can't believe it. Very excited!

    Seona x
  • clarer81clarer81 Posts: 134
    hi julesinscotland,

    i'm getting married in Blantyre too. which venue for you?

    reception will be in eaglesham though.

    29 days to go!
  • ann_mcpann_mcp Posts: 10
    I'm getting married at Oran Mor, (West end of Glasgow) in Oct? Where are the other West end brides to be getting married?
  • Clarer81

    i'm getting married in St Josephs and then The Parkville for the reception.

    Are you from Blantyre?

    Julie x
  • jules0112jules0112 Posts: 693
    Hi fellow scots

    I'm getting married 01 Sept 07 at Hetland Hall in Dumfries, Im in West Lothian but we really fancied a venue where we could do the weekend thing rather than just the one day and this one fits the bill.

    All the best to you all

    Another Julie in Scotland xx
  • Junior_Junior_ Posts: 95
    Hey Lexy & AnnMcP

    I am getting married in a church at Anniesland cros just off Great Western Road, I am getting my photos taken in the botanic gardens and then my reception is at Hillhead sports club (hughenden rugby club right beside One Devonshire Gardens on Great Western road) Thats where we are spending our wedding night. yay!! hope it's as good as everybody makes out. What is both your dates.

    Ann, The Oran Mor is gorgeous, I used to be a door steward (bouncer) there to help pay for the wedding. It is absolutly gorgeous but really expensive. I would love to ahve a bouncer on the door of my wedding just to keep out most of h2b's family. lol. jk.image
  • wife2bwife2b Posts: 121
    Im getting married at the Crichton Church in Dumfries and then onto the Easterbrook Hall at the Crichton for my reception.
  • clarer81clarer81 Posts: 134

    I'm not from Blantyre, H2B is which is why we're having the ceremony there. We both live in East Kilbride now.

    I've heard nothing but good things about weddings at the Parkville!
  • Where are you having your ceremony, that's funny that your h2b is from Blantyre, wonder if me or h2b know him - most likely with the size of the place! Hope everything goes well for you

    Julie x
  • AlisonPukAlisonPuk Posts: 259
    Hi, I'm getting married at Oxenfoord Castle just outside Dalkeith in 358 days time - a long way off just now but I'm sure it'll fly in!
  • ann_mcpann_mcp Posts: 10
    Hi Fabfee,

    We're getting married on 21/10/06 and we're staying at One Devonshire too. I've never stayed there before and I've always wanted to, so really looking forward to it. Sounds like you're in good staggering distance of One Devonshire - that will be handy at the end of the night! After your honeymoon, you'll need to post a report of your wedding and of One Devonshire and let us know how you got on.
  • hchoathchoat Posts: 24
    Inverness area (wedding at Belladrum, staying at Bunchrew House) on Oct 23! As H2b and I are both Americans, we would love some advice on places to eat etc. in the Inverness area!
  • Hi

    Having both my ceremony and reception in EastKilbride, 46 days to go and can't believe how quickly time has flown by.
  • Junior_Junior_ Posts: 95
    Ann Mcp,

    i def. will post all about my big day, one dev and the honeymoon. and let you know what it is like. I also know alot of people still at Oran Mor so i will tell them to look after you and your guests. I am in extremely good stagering distance it takes a total of 3 minutes to get there from door to door thats in heels and slightly tipsy. (no one i know has been able to find the venue after getting off a bus so i tell everyone to get us at one dev. tee hee 233 days to go and i cant wait
  • weddingtiggerweddingtigger Posts: 1,144
    Hi there, Newbie here, I am in Edinburgh and we hope to be getting married 8.8.08 maybe at Borthwick Castle, I hope everyone who have now had their weddings had a great time! and that those about to good luck and lots of love.

    Just a question did any of you have a Ceillidh band, I am looking for recomendations and am sick of trawling the net!.

    Much love. xxxx
  • leighghleighgh Posts: 97
    Hello ..... also in Scotland ........... 30 mins from the airport along the coast, planning for marquee reception in the gardens of huge local mansion house, getting married in H2B's church ...........

    Went to wedding at Cameron House recently and contacted the band who played for idea of cost and they quoted me £1200 for 3 hours + travel expenses??? Just heard back from another one who I would really love and they quoted £800 for whole night and no extra for travel. Is that good ? Average ? Expensive ????
  • coatesukcoatesuk Posts: 81
    Hi Moosie

    What did you think of Cameron House? I went to see it when booking my wedding. We are getting married in Wemyss Bay and then the reception is in Irvine on 17th August 07.
  • lexyuklexyuk Posts: 62
    Hi fabfee & ann mcp sorry not replied sooner,

    I'm getting married in church on Great Western Road also at anniesland cross and then pics in Botanic Gardens and reception in Oran Mor then staying in One Dev too! Very similar ideas!

    If you know people please get them to look after us too image

    My little ticker saying 16 days to go....getting nervous ;\)


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  • Junior_Junior_ Posts: 95
    lexy i will def get them to keep an eye on you whats the name of your church mine is Temple Anniesland Parish Church
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