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Take That - Rule The World for 1st Dance? HELP!

HelgaukHelgauk Posts: 176
Hi Ladies,

Me and my H2b have to choose our 1st dance song and it's proving difficult!!

I happened to be listening to Rule The World by Take That, and the words are actually very fitting i thought, but H2b said he had never imagined he would dance with me to Take That for our 1st dance!!!! I don't think he's too keen, but once he listened to the words of the song he said it's a possibility. Just wondering if anyone thinks it's a bit cheesy?? Have been looking for something that's maybe more timeless, but it's the words than mean more to me.

It's just so hard as me and H2b love dancey music and have loads of memories of songs that are along those lines which we obviously can't have image We aren't having a DJ it's a band, so we have to think about how the song will sound played by a band. What's everyone else having?

Please help me out if you have any other suggestions - i'm pulling my hair out listening to tons of songs and getting nowhere!!!! image Thank you x x x


  • CLFukCLFuk Posts: 359
    I want Take That - Rule The World for our first dance so can't really give you any constructive alternatives!

    Just wanted to say its a fab song and I love the words too. If its what you want and H2B agrees, then go for it!!
  • Me and my partner are dancing a foxtrot to this! This is also our First dance song, cut short and into Beyonce's halo xx
  • we are leaving the ceremony to this song, im going to edit it so it starts playing on the first chorus so its nice and loud and very fitting as weve just got marriedimage First dance we're going for a finlay quaye song as we've loved the song for ages and everytime either one of us hears it we think of each other. I began picking songs that i thought were 'fitting' and songs that we could learn a routine to but h2b hated that way as they have no meaning for us. We just sat and listened thru our i tunes. The right song will pick you, even if its a dance one! image
  • I think that's a lovely song!

    I dont know much about dance music as it's not my thing but how about a slow version of a dance song do they not have that euphoria stuff?

    sorry that's not helpful!

    We are having bryan adams, everything I do (cheesy!!)
  • I love this song. I work with special needs children and we do parachute games to this song. The last time it was played I couldnt help but think how perfect the words are. Not sure h2b will go for it thouugh as we already have dilemmas with song choices. trust us to be a couple who love music. x
  • we're having take that greatest day for first dance, and rule the world as we leave the ceremony x
  • MrsNakedChefMrsNakedChef Posts: 496
    I think its a great song and I am a love the words... we are having this when I walk in to the room and greatest day when we leave together.... we are having KC and JOJO - All my life for our first dance as I played it to my H2B on the beach when we first met in Magaluf and told him that this was gonna be our wedding song....

    But a great choice I think!

  • It's what we're having too - bloody lovely! x
  • PickleLily82PickleLily82 Posts: 1,913
    my sister had this, is was luvvvly xx
  • dial-emmadial-emma Posts: 134
    Definately - loving the Take That. If we were having a first dance I would most certainly have a Take That Song. We are having a videographer at our wedding and need to choose some music. I am having Rule the World and Greatest Day. My H2B likes them too and after seeing how many men were at the Take That concert last week I bet there will be a few Take That fans at your wedding.
  • badoo1982badoo1982 Posts: 421
    Love it we are having it too , well sort of we are starting with it and then we are breaking into hip hop . H2B's idea very nervous about it we look like two geeks at the minute and not very cool!!!
  • mrsDLG2bmrsDLG2b Posts: 114
    We were gonna have Take That Rule the world as our 1st dance but h2b changed his mind and we're now having 'with you' by Chris Brown - which i love but have slight reservations with as he's a wife beater??!! ;-( but think we're gonna have the take that 1 as our last dance!! xXx
  • SiobhainAHSiobhainAH Posts: 92

    This is our first dance song as well. Originally wanted a westlife song but dance teacher said it was too slow to do anything other than a shuffle to. So now H2B is twirling me round the room to this!! I love the song though but love the film even more and the words are beautiful so good choice image
  • LAV1983LAV1983 Posts: 743
    I loooove this song, it is fab! Means even more if you watch the film it is from, called Stardust. It all makes sense! We are having this as we are walking out after the ceremony.

    liz32, why can't you have a dancey song for your 1st dance? You don't have to have a slow, slushy one just because others do or its tradition. Me and H2B are having Take on Me by A-Ha as our 1st dance song, very random i know but it is the song that reminds him and me of us having a great time together! Who knows how we will dance to it, but hopefully most people will be a bit squiffy by then and find it funny! !
  • LilliukLilliuk Posts: 55
    I'm a wedding singer and Rule The World is a very popular choice for a first dance! The words are beautiful and the chorus is really uplifting too!

    If you're fans of dance music, you might consider choosing a dance song that's been re-worked into a ballad like 'Heaven' by DJ could edit the track so it starts slow and then merges into the dance version?

    Every time we touch by Cascada is another good one?

    Otherwise why not just have the dance track you both love? I agree that it doesn't have to be slow if that isn't what you want?

    Good luck!

    Lilli x

  • daisyteandaisytean Posts: 1,382
    I am really worried now - we haven't got a first dance song - should we have?

    Anf what if we both can't dance?!
  • LilliukLilliuk Posts: 55
    Ah don't worry! It's your day so if you don't want to have a first dance song, then don't have one. I sang at a wedding once where the bride and groom were both really shy and didn't want everyone staring at them, so we just sang upbeat songs and everyone got straight onto the dancefloor...they still got their first dance together but without any of the pressure of everyone watching!

    Do what suits you! If you decide you want one and would like some ideas, just give me a shout!

  • claudineraneclaudinerane Posts: 812
    I love rule the world ever since I was researching wedding videographers and came across this website -

    watch the madeline and ben sample - gives me goose bumps every time!

    Still not sure it's right for us though. Ideas would be very welcome sunshine lollipop. We'd really like something unusual and unpredictable, maybe from the 80s. Something a bit upbeat and not ballady would be good. Would love electric dreams by human league but my friend has already bagsied it!! Any ideas?
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