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Decorating Pub for Reception?


I am having reception at a pub, and really need some idea on decorating it.

My theme is hot pink and orange and i am having orchids and other tropical flowers. The pub has very rustic furniture and has 1 large area and 3 smaller areas. As it is fairly large wedding (150 guests - day) we will need all areas.

So how to decorate i am not sure, we are not having a seating plan due to the areas being broken up, we are having hog roast with salads and things for wedding breakfast. I wondered about balloons on tables in pink and orange but unsure if this is now tacky? I like the idea of small glass bowls with floating candles but don't know whether to have table cloths white or orange or pink

I really need some inspiration people please help me it's driving me insane

Naomi xx


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