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Hi Can anyone tell me where I can get a big table plan made up with matching place cards and table numbers? I don't really want to make my own and I want a bigger one than the A3 they usually set in the diy kits


  • DisneyCMFDisneyCMF Posts: 1,718
    Hi Kimberz - I make wedding stationery (kind of as a hobby) and have made stationery for several brides on this forum (including table plans/place cards etc) so if you'd like to drop me an email I may be able to help you out.
  • TulipBrideTulipBride Posts: 3,966
    Our table names, menus and place cards were done by the lady who did our wedding invites so it all matched.

    But our table plan was done by a local printers as like you we wanted a big one. Our plan was mahoosive - A1 or 0 I think!

    We did a draft on powerpoint first, took it to them and they printed it and mounted it on a foam board for us. Wasn't expensive - about £10 for the board and £15 for the printing.
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