Any Leicestershire Brides???

Hi ladies! Just noticed that there's lots of other posts for brides in different areas and felt a bit left out!!! Not sure if there's a post like this somewhere else but thought I'd start one anyway! Just wondered where everyone in Leics was getting married and when our big days are! Mine's on 21st December at Brooksby Hall. Good luck with planning girls and hope to hear from you all.

XX Emmy


  • sallydunlopsallydunlop Posts: 186

    Yes I'm getting married in Leicestershire, (although live in Cambs). We're 1st December at Quenby Hall.

    If anyone has any top tips for florists and hair/make-up people near Leicester would be v greatful!!
  • emmalouisetemmalouiset Posts: 1,291
    We actually got engaged in Cambridge! Have got a few decent names of florists but have decided to do my own. Can post on a few but they're all in NW Leics which is quite a way from Quenby. XX
  • eaheeahe Posts: 57

    I'm getting married Noseley Hall Billesdon (nr Market Harborough) 8th September 07. Was recommended a great florists in Oadby Tibbets.....very friendly. Have booked Sarah White from Face-Time for hair & makeup as I thought it would be easier for just one person and she travels all over the midlands.

    Hope you have a fab wedding in Brooksby Hall in December.

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    Good to see another Leicestershire Bride on the site. Although i'm from Bristol I am getting married in Leicestershire (my home county) on 25th May next year. Decided to have reception at the Shearsby Bath but still got a lot more planning to do!
  • Hi,

    I'm getting married in Leics at Kilworth House 2 Aug 08. I live in Northants but its still quite near to us.

    Love to know about any good florists out there if anyone knows of one in the area, did a post about it but no one answered me! : ( Thanks for Oadby tip!

    Nice to meet you all! x
  • emmalouisetemmalouiset Posts: 1,291
    Hi girls, amaryllis floristry is quite good and met probably the maddest florist in the world at Brooksby Hall wedding fayre. He's a young guy called "pinks" (Pinks is the name of his floristry company too) and he apparently did camilla parker bowles' daughter's wedding with a moulin rouge theme!!! He seemed really keen and up for alternative ideas if you wanted to try him. Flowers by Sarah in Quorn is also really good. XX Emmy
  • Foxy1000Foxy1000 Posts: 92
    Hi Ladies....I'm Leicestershire too!!

    We get married on 20th Sept 2008 at Bosworth Hall. (although I do think its classed as being in Warwickshire!!)

  • emmalouisetemmalouiset Posts: 1,291
    Wow!!! Bosworth hall is lovely! My cousin actually runs the gym there and my aunts best friend is functions manager! Any probs, let me know!!
  • BooWantsBabyBooWantsBaby Posts: 1,738
    Hi another Leicestershire bride..!

    I live in Leicester.. but we have decided to get married in Jamaica.. so i ain't full Leicestershire bride.. lol

    We are getting married on the 3rd September 2008 in Jamaica... and i'm considering on having a reception on return (dependant on the in-laws and if they behave themselves - both divorced!!)

    Foxy1000... whats Bosworth Hall like?

    Sal78... Quenby Hall looks lovely, just got the details through on having a reception there.. good choice!
  • sallydunlopsallydunlop Posts: 186
    Quenby stunned us. It was a last minute addition to our choice list as the info they sent us didn't quite do it justice but it so beautiful and comfortable. I'd definately recommend going to have a look.
  • I'm also getting married at Bosworth Hall - and also confused as to whether it's Warwickshire or Leicestershire as the address is Warwickshire but we have to have a Leicestershire registrar.

    We using The Floral Studio in Market Bosworth for flowers and Elizabeth Ann, also Market Bosworth, fo hair and make up.
  • Foxy1000Foxy1000 Posts: 92
    I'm thinking of having Elizabeth Ann for my hair and make up too. I met her at the Bosworth Wedding fair and she seemed lovely but have no idea if her prices are good or bad!! As I'm not getting married til next year I thought that I might go for a treatment this summer and check it out!

    Tom'sfanciee, When are you getting married at Bosworth? Also how do you find Madeline?

  • Hi foxy!

    We're getting married on 3rd Aug. So far Madeleine has been great, answered all our questions and met up with us about 3 times already.

    I compared a few different places (also looked at sarah from face time - saw someone else mentioned her earlier in this topic) and am very impressed with the package that elizabeth ann do. I'm going for the silver package - hair and makeup trial and on the day, manicure the day before and eyebrow shaping for 120 pounds. I went and had my hair cut there before i booked it just to check them out. I'm not particularly girly and fancy salons fill me with dread, but i felt very comfortable there.

    went to visit Lucky sixpence, the cake people from nuneaton who were also at the wedding fayre yesterday and are going to have them make our cake.

  • FreyjaStormFreyjaStorm Posts: 201
    I'm a Leicestershire bride (well Rutland really!) although our reception is Rushton Hall in Northants. My favourite part has been going to the local places like florists and having nice chats with the people there! I'm also having Sarah White for my hair and makeup - had my trial in October and she is lovely and it was all great. Very relaxing as well!

    My wedding is this September - it's fast approaching,

    All of us Leicestershire ladies have to pray for good weather in our region!


    I'm getting married at Kilworth nr Lutterworth too - although I live in Hertford - my parents still live in the midlands.

    I'm having sarah white actually as well, she seems to get lots of good recommendations here!

    I can recommend florist suzanne at bijoux flowers her quote was really affordable and she was lovely and helpful.

    Alx x

  • _Jules__Jules_ Posts: 705
    Hello ladies!

    Im getting married at Kilworth house too! Although live in Birmingham, so not too far!

    I called bijoux flowers and she seemed really helpful, although just haven't searched around yet!

    Jules x

    PS Alx and Amber how are the plans going!

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  • LilycatukLilycatuk Posts: 467
    Hi girls, I'm getting married in Nottingham but thought I'd let you know who my cake-maker was incase any of you needed one (as he's in Leics).

    We're getting ours from Dominic North at David North in Rothley. He does some great things and his desserts are fab so just a heads up. Happy Planning! x
  • reetyrereetyre Posts: 409
    How lovely that there are so many Leics brides. Our reception is Bosworth Hall 3rd may next year. WE have paid the deposit but yet to sign the contract. We are having a small meal in one of the little rooms and then a big old party in the Tollemache suite.

    I have only seen Bosworth once (since I went to a wedding there in the early 90's) but we fell in love with its quirkiness. One of my old friends got married there last year & had a wonderful time - Madeline is apparently a superstar, lets hope so because with my panic already setting in I think I may be about to test her quite a lot!!
  • emmalouisetemmalouiset Posts: 1,291
    Yum Yum, North's cakes!! We always get birthday cakes and "party" cakes from there; it's an amazing shop and the cakes are just gorgeous! My MIL is making our cake but wourl have loved a North's cakes but daren't face the wrath of MIL! So good to see so many Leics brides, feels great to hear familiar places talked about!
  • Foxy1000Foxy1000 Posts: 92
    Thanks Reetyre! Glad you said she is a superstar...I think i tested her over our contract. I just like to know where I am with all the T's crossed and all the I dotted! But because she does it all the time she seems a bit more chilled about everything and I'm just anal! Oh I'm getting excited now and I have to wait until next Sept!
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    Hiya Leicester ladies! I've just logged off and logged straight back on again to add my little bit to this thread! I'm a Leicester lass and am getting married at Scalford Hall 20/07/08. So far no-one has the same venue or date as us (that I can find) so I'm still searching for a big day buddy, at least now we've all got some Leicester buddies! x
  • reetyrereetyre Posts: 409
    Ah Foxy1000 I know exactly what you mean, it is good that we have these calm people to rein us in!!

    As for the contract, I know I am going to have to ask a million questions when it arrives and as I live in London I wont be able to go to Bosworth too often but am banking on Madeline to save my sanity.

    I just want to swap things around a bit in their traditional wedding package, plus I am not enamoured of their buffet menu for the evening do so I want that altered a bit. I think I am resigned to their wedding breakfast menu but we want our wedding cake as pud so we can swap the money saved on that for something else and on and on and my brain is in a whirl and its not even until next May!!!

  • Foxy1000Foxy1000 Posts: 92

    Don't worry about swapping this around...that is one of the great things I've found about bosworth. We don't want any of the menu's as we are both set on having suasage and mash and also hot roast pork sandwichs in the evening. So far they have been great on saying we can have what we want! Also we want to mess around with the drinks and have more drink on the table...she seems pretty ok with it!!

    Good luck with your planning!
  • reetyrereetyre Posts: 409
    Foxy does she still charge you the same price per head for the evening buffet? Its just that I think that £14 a head for a roast pork sarnie is a bit of a jip!

    Funny, we were thinking of Sausage & Mash as well, want something slightly out of the ordinary. My mate had shepherds pie and it was lovely!
  • hello, although i am not from leicester, i am getting married in leicestershire. H2b's parents are having a marquee in the garden. Wedding is may next year and have still got loads to sort out, so any reccomendations would be greatly appreciated. The only thing I have really done so far is sort out my stationary ( a leicester company who I would highly reccomend if anyone is looking - there website is , but i went to see them, and they were really helpfull) I need a florist, and a car hire company - do you know of any wedding fairs that are coming up? We sometimes pop up to leicester for a weekend, so it would be nice if we could incorporate a couple of wedding fairs with local companies at the same time.
  • March08BrideMarch08Bride Posts: 1,993
    Hi everyone,

    Bit belated on the discussion but I am also a leics bride, I live in leics but amd getting married at Bosworth Hall, which yes ladies in warwickshire! I am completely in love with bosworth hall we spent our first valentines there and I have been to every wedding fair! We are also using the floral stdio and eliazabeth ann, I have been looking at the silver package but want to get my nails aren't great I will need falso ones!! Elizabeth Ann has agreed to come to bosworth to do mine+my bridesmaids hair and make-up as we are planning to dtay there the night before. I get married 22nd March x x
  • sarahwalcotsarahwalcot Posts: 38
    I recently booked 11/7/1009 at brooksby hall and I cant wait- Emmy W- u will have to let me know how ur wedding goes there and pass on any details of suppliers!It seems a long way off but Im sure time will fly by!xxx
  • _Jules__Jules_ Posts: 705
    Argghhh so sarah white is lovely? I found her on facetime, liked her style, and emailed her to see if she could book me in, the reply I got from her was 'Let me get this straight, you getting married ona monday'

    To which I replied yes, now 3 days on no answer So I think I might go with Ellena Parker, has anybody else booked her, whats she like?

    Jules x
  • _Jules__Jules_ Posts: 705
    Oh, just checked my email! and she replied! yay! She is free on that day too! Going to ring MIL2B now, to see what she thinks, as its her present to me! image
  • EMEEukEMEEuk Posts: 77
    I live in Leicester but I am getting married at Dodmoor House in Northampton
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