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Any Balbirnie brides out there?

Hi everyone image

I live in Glasgow but me and H2B getting married in Fife 18/09/10 at Balbirnie House Hotel.

We are having a civil ceremony followed by a reception in the ballroom. Colour theme going to be chocolate brown, ivory and gold. Having about 100 guests and live band.

Anyone else got the same venue? Would love to know your themes, menus and ideas for the day!



  • Hey, me and h2b live in edinburgh but are also getting married at Balbirnie! 20th August 2010, cant wait!! colour scheme, theme is ivory, pale pink and highlights of hot pink (h2b put his foot down on that one!) also having butterflies and pearls as wee theme running through as pearl detil on my dress and love butterflies! xx
  • BamalooBamaloo Posts: 1,048
    Hi Mrs Craig,

    I used to work there and will be going back to work in September. But I won't be there for your wedding as I get married the week before you and will be on honeymoon!!!

    You'll have a fab day though they really know weddings!

    Hi Mrs-Campbell-2b

    How's the planning coming along???

  • mrscraig2010mrscraig2010 Posts: 500
    Hi Mrs Campbell2b - yay I have found another Balbirnie bride! image

    Your theme sounds lovely - pink will look good in the bright and airy ballroom.

    do you know what timings you're having for the day yet? when i think about it i always think there wont be enough times for photos!

    have you got your dress yet? xx

  • mrscraig2010mrscraig2010 Posts: 500
    mrsandynicky2b - thanks for saying they know their weddings - I have always had excellent service and quick responses from them so far but even so, its easy to worry about whether the day will go smoothly!

    where ar you getting married then? xx
  • BamalooBamaloo Posts: 1,048
    Hi Mrs Craig,

    They truly do know their stuff, is your co-ordinator Meghan or Gaynor?

    I know what you mean about worrying but trust me your in safe hands!! I've been in the hotel industry for years and currently working as a co-ordinator in Aviemore but it really is different when planning your own, but it's more of a case of keeping everyone happy as we both have large families!!!

    I'm back in Fife for a long weekend this week and going to have a look round a few more venues, my only real stipulation is that it's got to be on the coast!! I would ideally like to get married on Elie beach so we are going to look at Kilconquhar Castle, although I do really like The Bay hotel in Kinghorn, h2b isn't as keen as it's very modern all galss and chrome but the view over the bay is amazing!!!

    Hope to see you at Balbirnie one day!!

    Happy Planning


  • KasseeukKasseeuk Posts: 149
    I'm a Balbirnie Bride!!! So nice to find some venue twins!!

    I'm getting married in January 2010 - hoping for snow. Having a civil ceremony in the Long Gallery followed by an evening reception in the Ballroom.

    Less than 6 months to go for me - I have done NOTHING yet apart from spend my hours on this site. I am hoping this wedding is going to plan itself somehow....

  • mrscraig2010mrscraig2010 Posts: 500
    Hi kassee!

    Yay another venue twin image

    Wow - less than 6 months - Balbirnie would look fab in the snow, hope you get one of those lovely icy cold crisp, sunny, still winter days, perfect!

    We are 18th Sept 2010 and have so far booked the band, musicians, venue styling, photographer and decided on menus. H2b's Mum is making our cake and my friend is making the stationery. Have chosen my dress, going back to try it on again in a week before ordering it wheeeee!

    Have you decided on your colour theme or menu or timings for the day? Think we are going for smoked salmon, apple sorbert and calvados syrup, roast lamb and white choc and raspberry tart yummy yummy! Having choc brown, gold and ivory theme. So excited! You must post you Balbirnie wedding photos after the wedding for inspiration!

    Happy planning xx
  • KasseeukKasseeuk Posts: 149
    OMG Mrs Craig!! You're scaring me!!

    I have ordered my dress and the bridesmaid dresses are hanging up in my cupboard (Coast bargain!). Errr.....that's all I've done so far!! I lost the menu selector so I will just wait until the 3 month waiting and choose the menus then.

    Which band and musicians have you booked? Do you live in Fife? I grew up in Glenrothes but am living in Aberdeen now.

  • mrscraig2010mrscraig2010 Posts: 500
    Hi Kassee - that's so funny you're from Glenrothes and now in Aberdeen, cos I grew up in Aberdeenshire but getting married nr Glenrtothes! Weird!

    Me and h2b live in Glasgow (I've done so for 8 years now) - with our friends and families scattered all over Scotland, England, Wales, France and really chose Balbirnie as its a central location where nobody actually lives so there's no favouritism for the guests that are travelling!

    For the band I have booked 'Cut the Cake' who I htink I found on the music for scotland website...I can find out for you if you like cos the service from the website was really good. They are a 5 piece who dont use backing tracks who play a mixture of everything, although we want 70s, soul, rock and some modern hits (TT, Girls ALoud lol!). The lead singer Kim is fantastic (they have samples on the website) and she has a really stage show-y voice, I think she has been Scaramouche in We Will Rock You. They are awesome!! image Haven't seen them or heard them live though, so no matter how good they are on the website i'm still a little apprehensive!

    We also booked a harpist for the ceremony in the orangery. Her name is Alina, she studied music in Warsaw and played at the Queen's 70th so I'm pretty confident that she'll be amazing!

    You can tell that music is really important to us, so wanted that to be the main special bit of the day.

    As for menus, I got an email from Balbirnie a wee while ago with all the new menus and wine lists since they got their new chef. It will be in my inbox somewhere so I can email it on to you if you like? Will give you a bit longer to decide!

    Only thing I'm grumpy about is that you cant bring in your own booze for a corkage fee, and all the wine and sparkling wine is pretty expensive so thats going to bump up the costs quite a bit :/

    So what dress have you ordered then? Im hopefully ordering Benjamin Roberts 930 in gold next weekend, although the bridal shop have ordered it in in the catwalk sample (8 - which is closer to a 4 they are tiny!!) and the one that fits is a 12 - just trying it for the colour before they order in my own dress but not looking forward to squeezing into it lol!

    What are your BMs like then? Nothing wrong with a Coast bargain, they have lovely dresses! I havent found that many I like in chocolate but theres a Dessy dress thats silk, tea length with a big bow on the back but need to find a stockist...

    Anyway, feel free to ask me anything else about the plans! My main worry is the florist - I live quite a journey away so its not easy to pop round to look at different places before I book - but guess I've plenty time yet!!

    Let me know if you want the menus xx
  • KasseeukKasseeuk Posts: 149
    If you could email me a copy of those menus that would be really helpful - my email button is activated.

    In terms of flowers, I would thoroughly recommend Ring A Roses in Glenrothes. I went trailing round florists with my now sister in law when she got married and these guys were by far the best. They are super knowledgeable and will suggest things based on your budget, dress style, colour scheme. Don't be put off by their location (within Glenrothes Bus Station! How glam!!)

    How exciting about going to order your dress this weekend - you'll have to let me know how you got on! I ordered mine at the end of May 2009 - its White One by Pronovias style 411 which isn't dissimilar to your dress as it turns out. I've ordered it in Oyster which is a weird greyish champagne colour - I love it!! Should be here by October or so.

    Do give me an email and we can exchange Balbirnie tips!

  • mrscraig2010mrscraig2010 Posts: 500
    Just emailed you Kassee.

    Also just looked up your dress - it is stunning! Good colour choice too. Think Im going for gold (like the TV prog - sorry, couldnt resist) as its a bit more unusual than ivory and the crystals and detail on the dress stand out more in photos with a deeper colour.

    Thanks for the florist tip I will check them out! xx
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