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Is anyone having an Ice Cream Van @ their Reception

deecydeecy Posts: 7,493
I love this idea! Is anyone having one?

Just wondered if you arranged a price with him/or her before hand or paid according to what people chose on the day?


  • Afraid not -- but just wanted to say it sounds like a fab idea for a summer wedding!

    You can maybe also get those fancy little ice cream stands like they have in Hyde Park if you look around? (Umm, if you're not from London, basically they're like up market ice cream vans with a parasol but without the van -- unless I'm totally mis-remembering, it feels like a long time since last summer!)

  • deecydeecy Posts: 7,493
    I thought I'd just get Mr Whippy to park on the drive!

    Our reception is a bbq in my mum's back garden. We are going to have a doughnut cake - 48 Krispy Kreme - for our desert/pudding but then I also wanted knickerbocker glories a la Wimpy circa 1980 THEN I thought why not an Ice Cream Van? his/her soft ice cream and my fruit what a combination!

    I know the things you mean though image
  • SomethingfunnySomethingfunny Posts: 1,380 New bride
    That sounds like a fantastic idea! The h2b reckons he was thinking about it today coz it was hot. I think it's brill! If you manage to sort it let me know how you managed to plan it! xxx
  • leighghleighgh Posts: 97
    Yes, we are having one, its costing 150 pounds to hire and then anything from 50p to 1.50 per item which includes a 99 and flake, fruit sorbet, ice lollies, nuggets. Only worry was we plan to have him arrive during the drinks reception and H2B thinks most of the ladies won't want to stand around licking a lolly !! But have my heart set on the idea ... its an old mr whippy van in pink and cream (my colours!!) and they do it up with balloons and ribbons and have even got wedding tunes to play !!

    Brilliant idea ... go for it. I am in scotland and have a contact number if you want ... not sure where you are based though. xx
  • SomethingfunnySomethingfunny Posts: 1,380 New bride
    I'm al the way down in London lol. But my mum's friend's friend is an ice cream man so might manage to get something sorted! xxx
  • HannahGBHannahGB Posts: 98

    We're looking at having an old fashioned ice cream "trike" at our wedding -

    They are based in Kent but cover the whole of the UK.
  • SomethingfunnySomethingfunny Posts: 1,380 New bride
    Had a look at the wedding trikes, but it seemed a bit pricey! Hope it goes well Hannah! xxx
  • deecydeecy Posts: 7,493
    We're In Hertfordshire.

    I'd love to keep it a secret just to see peoples faces when it ding-a-linged the wedding march up the road, we have a fair few kids at our reception plus some very sweet tooth grown ups so I think it'll go down a storm.

    Thanks for the pricing info, I expect it's more at this end of the country lol
  • lctuklctuk Posts: 663
    What a great idea!

    I want one now image

    Just added it to my list. Hope it goes well for you girls who have already organised. x
  • SomethingfunnySomethingfunny Posts: 1,380 New bride
    I know what you mean ohmygodmt....I read all the posts on here and end up adding a mass of stuff to my wish's going to cost me a fortune!! xxx
  • Melisab2bMelisab2b Posts: 67
    I agree with you Shantelle!!! I keep finding loads of new ideas. Reviewing these forums was supposed to save us money - instead our wedding has probably increased in cost by 20% instead!!

    Worth it though. One of the best ideas I have found is

    I am spreading the word as I just think they are awesome.


  • FloristfloFloristflo Posts: 743
    Yes melisab2b my hubby b wants a word with you lol....i saw yr post and have booked them for my wedding i just love those lanterns.

    So budget has just gone where the lanterns will...up in smoke

    flo x
  • Melisab2bMelisab2b Posts: 67
    that is awesome flo!! I hope I didn't get you into much trouble! I'm sure he will thank me when he see's them!

    When and where are you getting married? When I spoke to Lightalantern I know they were taking lots of bookings for 2008 already.

    What do you think of the ice cream van idea?


  • BaxterukBaxteruk Posts: 3,373
    I now want an ice cream van and lanterns! Anyone else wanna help me increase my wedding budget!!!
  • FloristfloFloristflo Posts: 743
    Now look mel i can swing the lanterns but ice cream van's is just pushing him tooo far,but between us i think this is a mega idea!

    We are getting married aug 11th this year and we are having a bbq at a country hotel so ice cream van would be sooo cool.

    The lantern guys tock my booking think i got the last slot for that day.

    flo x
  • SomethingfunnySomethingfunny Posts: 1,380 New bride
    Oh no Mel! You've just added more! Love the laterns! H2B is horrified at the ever-growing costs lol. Feels like I'm not getting married forever but to get what we want we will have to wait! xxx
  • Tori28ukTori28uk Posts: 781
    What a fantastic idea! I also really like the traditional popcorn and candy floss carts you can get.
  • SomethingfunnySomethingfunny Posts: 1,380 New bride
    What companies do you recommend tori? I love the ideas of candy floss etc. I love all the large garden games too, they would entertain people while photos are taken, and keep the kids quiet. I've been looking at and I really like the idea of fun and games and bbq/hog roast informal atmosphere!
  • lizzie-loulizzie-lou Posts: 395
    Mootsie, give us more info! thats sounds fab!
  • sally_elsesally_else Posts: 552
    Love the idea of an ice cream van image

    A friend of mine had one at there wedding a couple of years ago and it went down a storm!! I don't know how I would go about it if I wanted one because Im hoping to book a stately home as a venue they may no allow it! Getting married in August though (09) so it may be refreshing for everyone image

    I also love the idea of Candyfloss and popcorn stalls, I had a link somewhere for them!
  • sarahharveysarahharvey Posts: 707
    What great ideas!

    Was magazine flicking the other day and came across a gorgeous company.

    They provide you with your own ICE CREAM BAR with toppings etc. for receptions. So gorgeous!!!!!! image

  • sally_elsesally_else Posts: 552
    Your determied to make me hungry tongiht ar'nt you ladyinpink LOL
  • saramahersaramaher Posts: 92
    Hey girls

    We thought about this, we found a really good website with loads of other stuff on there too (over sized games/popcorn machines/arcade style games) its worth taking a peak and is a little bit cheaper than the other site mentioned!! I had a giggle - crazy golf looks pretty funny!!!!
  • FAO Mootsie...I know this post was an age ago, but I am in Glasgow and looking for an ice cream van for my wedding - if you see this, could you email me the details of yours?!

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  • sarahrobsonuksarahrobsonuk Posts: 3,266
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  • kateherdkateherd Posts: 125
    Hi...yes we're having an ice cream van instead of canapes...found a vintage ice cream van - we're hiring it for £300, that's to serve approx. 100 people.

    They said we can choose the ice cream flavours that they soooo excited....we haven't really told anyone so should be a nice surprise for guests...lets hope it's not raining or it'll be a little bizarre standing in the rain eating ice cream !
  • katiejones2bkatiejones2b Posts: 996
    yay image

    were going with macks ices in west sussex £250 including choice of the usual ice cream van bits for each of our 120 guests image xx
  • my friend has recently booked a company in warwickshire for her wedding, its cream and white and called Abigail's scoop??? the pictures look amazing and shes got a really good deal with them, I'm going to wait til after her wedding and see how i feel about booking it for myself !

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