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We've booked the ASHBURNHAM HOTEL for our wedding without seeing it as we were limited with our choices & we were told it was lovely (I know we're idiots, trust me we've already heard it all). Now we've been told some pretty bad things about it, including that it's just an overrated pub!!!! Has anybody been there? What's it like?


  • cbtb0706cbtb0706 Posts: 168
    Hi to be honest I have only been there for sunday lunch on a few occassions and the food has been good and service has always been really helpful, if I am being truthful I dont think the venue would suit me personally but there are photos on the wall down there of past weddings and it does look nice there when it is done up.

    The interior is not bad and with chair covers and table cloths with nice centre pieces I think you could make the big room look nice, they also have a conservatory which is lovely when the sun is shining. Another good thing is the drinks are not too badly priced they are not as cheap as a pub but cheaper than chain hotel.

    I have also been told is that there is a beach close by which I am sure weather permitting would also be really nice for photos.

    I hope this makes you feel much better, to put things into perspective I always thinks its the personal touches that people always remeber not the venue so much anyway.
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