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Chocolate Fountain obsession

Hi I am getting married in October and will really love to have a chocolate fountain at the reception. However i am being quoted ridiculous prices £400 to £700!!! Does anyone know where I can get manned or unmanned chocolate fountains for £250 to £350 please? Thank you


  • gemoliviagemolivia Posts: 592
    Most I have seen are abot 300-350... but it all depends on how many guests you are having... try googling companies (if u havent already)
  • NicolaatkinsNicolaatkins Posts: 132
    Where abouts are you based????

    Ive got friends all over the UK and a couple of them had chocolate fountains at their wedding. may be able to help
  • JenKukJenKuk Posts: 235
    I have got my fountain booked at £295. Where are you based?
  • AwrighteAwrighte Posts: 24
    Hi thank you for your responses. £295? Sounds good. I am based in North East London. Do you know anyone there?image
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