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Hi all im new to the fourm.

i just wanted to know if anyones got married in wolverhampton or surrounding areas, and where they held their wedding reception. i ideally would want me reception in a hotel and would love to have a marquee any help would be really appreciated xxxx


  • Hi i'm new too!!

    I live in wolverhampton and was searching for ages. It's so hard cos theres not much around. I haven't found anything with a marquee cos theres not many places with land.

    If you have got a BIG buget the Hagley Hall looks beaufiful but it is very expensive. Their marquees look out of this world!!

    When you getting married?

    The mount hotel in wolverhampton look gorgeous but they are fully booked up to October 2010. Unless you get married on a Friday or Sunday! this is the website have a look!

    Have you tried Blakelands in Bobbington also the 100 house hotel just off the rabbit run towards bridgenorth. They have got their own barn!! It was gorgeous too but i wanted a bit of grass for the kids to play on. They had grass but not directly next to the barn. I would have booked it there and then if they had. Our reception is at himley hall in the new swimmingpool room. It's a nice room and you get the grounds of the house too. And good photo oppurtunites. If i think of any more will let you know!

    xxx image
  • hi, can't help too much as i'm just hiring a hall on the stafford road, but i thought i'd say hi as i too am from wolves!

    Have you looked at either Patshull Park or Park Hall?

    I agree with mrsking2b, i don't think there's many places in wolves that have the space for a marquee, i've just qualified as an event planner and i've done a bit of research into wedding receptions and haven't come across them a lot.
  • vorne87vorne87 Posts: 94
    Thanks chicks for the help...moxhull hall look quite nice i think its a 30-40min drive from wolverhampton it also has a marquee.

  • vorne87vorne87 Posts: 94
    dominacanbride how did you get into event planning this is something i really want to do but i dont know how to get into it or how to start. i live by the stafford road i might know the hall your hiring image
  • vorne87, i've hired the polish church hall as we're getting married in the dom rep then having a party/reception when we get back. don't have a big budget i can't justify spending thousands on a party for other people (we have a reception in the dom rep).

    I got into the planning by doing a distance learning course. I'm involved in planning in my job and i've always been a good organiser so i wanted to get a qualification in it. Hoping to set up my own business soon.
  • vorne87vorne87 Posts: 94
    well congrats on finishing your course. i think im might have to go uni to study event planning i cant find any courses any where else but thanks for you help
  • this is the place i used, they are very quick at sending the stuff and marked all my paperword quickly. I already have a degree in business management so i didn't bother going back to uni for this course.
  • scoobysteve1scoobysteve1 Posts: 224

    im also from wolverhampton, ive heard the mount is nice but have never been there myself.

    i considered patsall park and mosely old hall, but in the end i went with moxhull hall, its about 40 minutes away and ticked all the boxes for me as it was convenient for a lot of our guests who are from all over west midlands, and i luuuved it...hehe

    good luck x
  • vorne87vorne87 Posts: 94
    hi scoobysteve did you hire out the marquee? and how many did it hold.
  • Hi ladies, how is everything going with Wolverhampton brides? I'm at Patshull Hall near Albrighton. Also loved The Mount and Blakelands, but a bit small for us (huge family... nightmare guestlist!). E xxx
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