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Friend is letting us down - any Essex DJ recommendations


My fiance and his friend are both really good DJs (mainly r'n'b, house, reggae) and we had asked his best friend to do the DJing at our wedding. But he is being so unreliable not helping regarding playing a wide variety of music and keeping noise levels reasonable and worse still is being really difficult about not bringing his equipment but instead hiring it (but I'm not quite sure his supplier is reliable) and he is working the morning of the wedding so can't help ensure the set up is done!!! I really appreciated him agreeing to do it, but now him not taking care of it is really really stressing me out....

My wedding is coming right up in September so I really need to find someone quick. Can any of you other brides recommend a DJ who plays a wide variety (and is happy to play current, old, pop and some r'n'b, house and reggae to try and keep everyone happy!!!) - not looking for a cheesy DJ - please give me your suggestions. The wedding is in Essex so any DJs in the Essex, Hertfordshire or London area should work.

Thank you in advance!

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  • sharitauksharitauk Posts: 221

    A good friend of mine has got his own DJ-ing business in Essex - he is doing our wedding in December and obviously I've heard him play at other friends weddings, parties etc and not just being biased, but he is good at what he does.

    He is always keen to keep all the guests happy with different types of music. His music collection is extensive, however, if there's particular stuff that you want that he hasn't got, he'll make sure he gets it for you. He is quite happy for you to give him a playlist and doesn't get the hump with guests when they requests a lot of DJ's do. His prices are also very competitive.

    No harm in giving him a call and having a chat.

    Here's his website:

    Good luck
  • NicolaatkinsNicolaatkins Posts: 132
    Give Your Wedding Disco a call.

    We're having them at our wedding and they're fab!
  • eviejoyukeviejoyuk Posts: 33

    Try our DJ Paul

    Good luck
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