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Ideas for starters at the sit down meal??

damencdamenc Posts: 17
Hi all

We are getting married at end of October, so an autumnal event. Our reception will be at an old Inn and we have plumpled for traditional Steak Pie (his choice) and salmon en croute (my choice) but I am totally stuck for starters!! We only want one, as not giving people a choice with starters and desserts. O/H not keen on soups or salads, and am worried that pate or some kind of fish would not belike by most! Can anyone help???



  • Melon and parma ham? Or just some sort of mixed fruit?

    Smoked mackeral pate is also yummy and most people like that more than say chicken liver pate...
  • tdoyleuktdoyleuk Posts: 148
    How about a tartlet? I really love goats cheese & red onion.

    Or asparagus wrapped in parma ham?

    Or mixed chargirlled vegetables?

    or antipasti?

  • TulipBrideTulipBride Posts: 3,966
    Oh the goats cheese and onion tartlet sounds lovely. Or what about a vegetable terrine? We had a smoked salmon terrine for our stater with a salad and saffron dressing and the veggies had a vegetable version. They all said how yummy is was.
  • PickleLily82PickleLily82 Posts: 1,913
    baked mushrooms? (we are having this!)

    tomato and basil salad with mozzarella

    some sort of grilled chicken and prawn skewers? random yes but yummy! lol

    like the tartlet and terrine idea too

  • damencdamenc Posts: 17
    Well I love goats cheese, but know so many peopke who don't. I guess we can't please everyone and should perhaps just pick something we both likee!? After all, they have had choices for their mains so at least they will get to eat something they enjoy!!
  • JenKukJenKuk Posts: 235
    If you are having a heavy main then I agree maybe some fruit.
  • MahjabeenMahjabeen Posts: 82
    All you lot have suceeded in doing is making me HUNGRY!

    I think a tartlet is a good idea (esp goats cheese, mmm), or a salad of some kind.

    Pate always goes down a treat...what about a chicken salad but have the chicken warm - seeing as how your wedding is in Oct? xx
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