Essex land for a Marquee ???

We are looking into hiring a Marquee for our wedding reception, yet we don't have any land and so have been looking for suitable places where we could do this in Essex.

Does anyone have any recommendations or help for us pretty please?

A nice field will do nicely as long as we can park cars there, im just not to sure where to start and all my google searched come up blank

Thanks for anything helpful :\?


  • Hi - from your name are you by any chance from Hockley? If you are then this will suit you!! I was originally looking at a marquee and we went to look a farm in Rochford, Sutton Hall Farm and you've got the option of a barn or you can hire the garden on the side of the house which is lovely. We viewed it and loved it and the only reason we didn't go for it was because I think you need to be very, very organised and neither me or H2B are. My cousin has been to a wedding there and she said it was lovely. If I remember rightly they charge about £1000.
  • thanks, that sounds interesting. Apart from going round to places and knocking on the door i don't know where else to go or do. I shall go and have a look. thank you

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  • thanks for your help Tronski, i have seen this website but it doesn't actually give any companies. only a description of Essex. shame

    I have contacted a few Marquee companies asking them if i used them do they have venues they could utilise and that seems to be having some results. I may though as you suggest tronski go for a drive and see if i can find any nice land nearby.

    Im based in South Essex in Basildon
  • Too late for ghockley1981 but may halp somebody in the future:
  • Hi ghockley - what are your preferential wedding dates?

    I am hopefully moving to just north of colchester (just sold on friday, found on saturday and will be offering today, eeekkkkk)so I have already set up a couple of meetings for later this week with people I can work with up there so i will see if anyone knows of any good venues or websites for you

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  • ooopppsss - didnt look at the date of the original post - doh!!!
  • hey, why not contact your local NFU office? (national farmers union). they must insure the majority of the local farmers and will know the nice ones who may let you have a marquee? only places I can think that have marquees are expensive. One is at le talbooth which is dedham vale area (stunning and if you can afford it, do it!) and the other is westwood park nr colchester.


    *edit* I also just spotted the date but hope this can help someone else!
  • i am looking for the exact same thing, as i have a marquee but no where to put it! did you manage to find anything?




  • We have a lovely three acre  property in an area of outstanding natural beauty in West Kent. 10 minutes from Jc 5 off the M25. As we are an established wedding Caterer we have been asked many times about our brides erecting their marquee on our land.

    We have now decided to offer this service. If the bride uses our catering and equipment hire services we offer the use of our land for pitching of a Marquee, car parking and guest camping free of charge.

    Locally there are a couple of Marquee companies that we use on a reqular basis that are very competitive.

    Also the first ten couples will benefit from complimentary canapes and Welcome drinks.

    If you are interested please feel free to contact us via pm

  • Hi Alison,

    Can you send me over more details on the above, sounds like just what i'm looking for!!


  • I am looking for somewhere in the Bishops Stortford area ... Any help greatly appreciated image

  • Looking for exact same thing someone help !!! I live in romford essex and would be prepared to travel abit out , please let me know if anyone found x field/land to hire for a wedding.... Thanks 

  • ruth28ruth28 Posts: 2

    We used Barnston Lodge, just outside Great Dunmow, for our wedding last summer - I think the venue hire was £2,000 to use their beautiful gardens (they have horses in the fields nearby and even a white picket fence!) - we were then free to organise whichever marquee / caterer etc we wanted, and we loved being able to choose every element of our day. The owners only tend to hold a few weddings per summer though to allow the gardens to recover but it's such a personal feel because of that. Hope that helps!

  • Jay12Jay12 Posts: 1

    Hi there,

    i am also looking for some land to host my wedding reception.

    after contacting venues, I am sick of having to have their catering and their terms and conditions. I would rather have a field and do it all my way, may sound selfish but it's my special day after all haha. 

    Any luck in Essex?? 

  • Hi everyone,

    Check out Seasoned, they create a wedding menu just for you. They have World Master Chef, Chris Hawkins, leads our culinary team with the expert guidance of two Michelin-starred Chef and Creative Director, Daniel Clifford. The team is renowned for delivering wonderful, innovative and seasonal food whilst embracing new cooking and service techniques.

    The great thing is, when you book the catering, we offer you our free Wedding Planning service.

    Check us out

    Based in Essex and London.

    Please do let me know if you need anything, and good luck


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