honest opinions on favours please!!!

Hiya these are what we are thinking of having as favours please let me know what you think.

Women - thorntons chocolates + birthstone keyrings (know most of guests birthdays so only a few to find out)

Men - lotto tickets/scratch cards + miniature (poss jack d)

Kids -making up goody bags for appropriate ages (will boy toys etc in January sales)



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    They sound good, I really like the idea of the birthstones!! Watch with the miniatures though as their have been some threads where the venues have tried to charge corkage for them???? (Just don't tell your venue!)

  • UniqueStarUniqueStar Posts: 1,180
    sounds good to me. I'd check with the venue if I were you about the minatures. I heard someone on here say they didn't have them because the venue wanted to charge corkage or something rediculous.
  • Hi, we are having lottery tickets as favours.... I think its a great idea. We are getting married on a Friday so we are going to get Euromillions tickets and when the numbers are read out the DJ is going to announce them.... Might just have a winner lol...! On Ebay I have found a lady that does lottery ticket holders that double up into name places.... really lovely. Got your guest names on the outside then you stick the lottery ticket inside. Have a look x
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    Sound lovely, again have heard venues not agreeing to miniatures.

    One venue I spoke to said I couldn't have cookies or cupcakes for the children? Bonkers! Did not book them - no surprise
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    hiya thank you for replies image

    have spoken to carterers and they wont charge corkage for the miniatures thankfully!

    Do you think it is ok for me to have something as personal for the women and not for the men?

  • Hi

    With regards to the minatures, I used to work in a hotel a good few years ago it was the done thing to have minitures as favours for the men.

    However at the end of each wedding we would find loads of full minature bottles just left on the tables totally unappreciated.

    Brilliant idea with regards the birth stones, a nice personnel thoughtfull touch.

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  • i dont think it will matter you only have personal for the women! men dont really appriciate things like that! . . . well not the ones i know!! lol!1
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    I think we're having green & blacks chocs for women and minatures for men also prob going for jack d- as h2bs fave!! I'm also a massive chocaholic so favours would be quite personal to us!

    So yey i think its a great choice. I've checked with my venue about minatures and they're fine with it- no corkage charge! Also checked about sweety table cos i remeber one b2b saying venue wouldnt let them have one. Venue have said its fine, but we have to sign a disclaimer for the sweetie table!!xx
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    fab idea especially the birthstomes
  • id stick with chocks for the ladies and lotto for the chaps I think birthstone keyrings could look a bit tacky, but thats just my view x
  • I like the idea of birthstone keyring geat keepsake for people that's not too 'weddingy'

  • I think the chocs and miniatures are generous enough. And will the women appreciate the keyrings? They won't be to everyone's taste, and a waste of money that could be spent elsewhere.
  • We're doing lottery ticket as favours too, it's much cheaper and easier than thinking of different things to do for men and women. And hopefully if we get a decent win the winners will feel obliged to share a bit of their winnings with the newlyweds! hehe ;\)

    Carla79 - do u know of any contact details of the lady who does the placecard holders that double as lottery ticket holders? That sounds like a great idea!
  • Hi , i think the keyrings sound lovely.

    i am giving the men a scratchacrd in a silver envelope, tho i`m now thinking it may be a bit flimsy and cheap(only £1 each lol) the ladies are having a heart shaped compact mirror in an organza bag with rose petals inside and maybe a choc heart too, again i`m thinking the women are getting more thsn the men here, so not sure what else to do for the guys??

    x nat x
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