Centrepiece (with pics) which do you prefer?

Hi girls,

I have my centrepiece, but don't know if I need mirrors or not. To but mirrors will cost me another £60 or so? Do you think they are needed? I really can't decide. (By the way it's not a mirror in the pic it's a candle plate but you get the general gist!!!).



  • jacquelienejacqueliene Posts: 6,350
    i dont think you need them tbh, spend the £60 on something more important x
  • Both look nice but i think i prefer without the glass mirror x
  • nikki_26uknikki_26uk Posts: 223
    i prefer it with...think it finishes it off nicely and brings it all intogether. Thcandles and crystals will look more stunning on the mirror. Lovely centrepieces tho.
  • nikki_26uknikki_26uk Posts: 223
    i prefer with as i think it brings it altogether more nicely.
  • I prefer it with. If you weren't having the tealights (the low ones) and the scatters then it would be nice without, but a mirror would finish it off.

    IMO, I think the mirror stops people putting things by the candles also as people tend to leave it all alone, whereas without people will dump the salt & pepper etc around the tealights and the may end up a little lost.

  • I think with! It finishes it off lovely!
  • Thanks ladies...! Still not sure. I agree that the mirror gives it a 'finished' look, but not sure it's worth £60. Am going to see how cheaply I can find mirrors, if they are cheap enough I'll get them I think.
  • I prefer without, but both look lovely.
  • rinroorinroo Posts: 454
    Why not get square mirrors, I got some from Ikea, pack of 4 for £4.88 they are 30x30cm so another cheaper option.

    I agree it looks better with
  • kethryukkethryuk Posts: 106
    How much would it cost you for candle plates, such as the one currently underneath? If it would work out cheaper, i'd say go with those, it still has some reflection to it, but I think the matte quality of it works really well.
  • emmalampkinemmalampkin Posts: 6,618
    I think with it hun.

  • Not sure where I would find candleplates? That one I already had from years ago (think it was an asda special!).
  • MrsK2b2011MrsK2b2011 Posts: 186
    I like it with x
  • horlersahorlersa Posts: 312
    Both look ok but when the candles are lit they will reflect in the mirror and then I think the mirror justifies its presence.
  • rgbrrgbr Posts: 190
    I prefer with out it..keeps it nice and simple! x
  • GoldiLox77GoldiLox77 Posts: 621
    I Prefer With x
  • I prefer it with the mirrors.

    How many tables have you got though cos I got my mirrors for £2.50 ish each from weddingmall.co.uk. So they shouldn't work out to expensive, and they are 20cm diameter, I think the 25cm were only £3 if you needed bigger ones.

  • poppet213poppet213 Posts: 150
    CHEAP MIRRORS!!! In the range think about 89p i saw the other day image dont know if you have one near you ??

  • Fraid not.. though there is a Range in Bristol which isn't too far. Will check out wedding mall too Nicola, Thanks!
  • EmmaNYEEmmaNYE Posts: 194
    I prefer with x
  • I like with, you also get a lovely reflection when the lights are all down in the evening, and lovely light in the daytime. I think the mirrors are worth the few extra pence...... x
  • viccipviccip Posts: 2,161
    I like it with the mirrors!

    Ive got to use Mirrors with my centrepieces as my caterers said if any of the candle wax falls from the candle sticks im going to have to replace the tablecloth, that made me deffo want to use the mirrors just incase lol.
  • BrideWhoopBrideWhoop Posts: 344
    It is def better with the mirror. just try to find cheaper mirrors! it looks too plan without it.

    Its lovely with!! xxx
    i think it looks alot better with x
  • ziggywigsziggywigs Posts: 1,435
    Mirrors add depth and reflect them beautifully. For a cost of £2 per mirror i think it's worth it.
  • Thanks for all your advice girls. Am DEFINATELY going to go for mirror. Bought some candles over the weekend and lit it and turned the lights off and it looked gorgeous even without a proper mirror, with the mirror the reflection will just be beautiful. Thank you for all your help with this! Here is a pic of the lit version!

  • I also prefer with, once the candles are lit and the jewels are sparkling it will look amazing. Have you tried ebay? I got 12 centre mirrors on there last week for £8....loads of bargains on there!!x
  • MMMukMMMuk Posts: 1,213
    I prefer without x
  • wraggy22wraggy22 Posts: 889
    I prefer with - can you also tell me where yu got the red hearts from I can only find crystal shapes and I like the heart smuch better! If you could email me I would apprecaite it as I guarantee I'll never find this thread again!!!!
  • I prefer it wothout as its so mirror finished anything I think the mirrors underneath would look a but OTT. I think it looks fab without really pretty x
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