Hi all!

I just wanted to make people aware of the one of the most rudest, saracastic most annoying women I have ever spoke to- The wedding co-ordinator at Hagley Hall!

She really is a nasty little piece of work! She was unwilling to allow us to have the room we wanted for our civil ceremony, as she said that a meal would be held in there the night before, and it would take time to clear up! But none of this was mentioned in their brochure, and after speaking to one of her colleagues a few weeks ago he confirmed that we could choose which ever room we wanted.

We still decided to go ahead with the room she had recommended, but she seemed so unhelpful, and unwilling to allow us to have any say in how we want things!

We were in a position today to confirm our booking, and when h2b rang up to confirm, she almost spat down the phone at him saying..'Ooohh so you have FINALLY decided you want to book Hagley Hall now?' h2b being the complete gentleman side stepped her bad attitiude, and remained courteous, by confirming the booking as he knew how much I liked the look of this venue! bless him!

I had already confirmed a meeting with her yesterday for next week Saturday, for myself and h2b to come down and pay our deposit. But whilst she was on the phone to h2b today, she snapped at him saying she will have to see when she is free, as she is quite busy! h2b politely asked when was best for her, and again she snapped back saying..'No why dont YOU tell me whens best for you!' horrified h2b said he would speak with me and he would get back to her.

Poor h2b calls me quite angry at the way he had just been spoken to, and this infuriated me, as h2b is ever the gentleman, and I really do not see why this ignorant woman felt she had any right to speak to my h2b in such a vile way! So I decided to call her and ask her to explain...

She acted completley suprised, and denied everything..and the nerve of it..she was actually offended that I was accusing her of behaving in such a way..to which I replied..'so h2b is lying to me, why would he lie to me over such a silly thing?' she continued to deny everything.

When asked why she snapped at h2b when he asked her when was the best time to come down, as I had already spoken to her the day before and we had a lengthy conversation about our wedding and our meeting next Saturday..she said she did not snap at him, and she simply said she was a little busy! B*****S!!!!!! She didnt like me from the get go, because we are not having their big package, and I feel as though she does not value our event as much because we are choosing not to pay for exclusive use!

Im sooo angry right now, and h2b and I have decided that they can shove their snotty little noses up on their own a**es for all we care! Hagley Hall isn't the only flippin venue in the country! Im most angry about the way she spoke to h2b, as he really is the most lovliest person ever, I cant believe this rotten cow upset him so much!

Sorry about my rant..just had to let it out..and make you all aware of the rottweiler that is called the wedding co-ordinator at Hagley Hall! image


  • MabsyukMabsyuk Posts: 237

    She made you mad, huh! Just wanted to let you know that I know where you're coming from - I found that they treated us like dirt because I don't have a ring worth more than most people's cars. Hagley Hall is a 'premier venue' after all. We went elsewhere (The Mill at Alveley), I recommend doing the same! Good luck!
  • Mad?...I could just scream at the mere thought of this ignoramus!

    Im so glad im not alone, its so bad that these people think they can get away with making people feel like they are not worth s**t! She really was soo rude to me when I rang her and confronted her..she didn't know what to say, as she had been cornered and stood up to, and didn't know what to do other than completey deny everything not letting me get a word in edge ways! I eventually shouted the hag down, and let her know that we weren't about to be walked all over, and made it clear to her that she had a bad attitude problem!

    H2b and I are definitley looking at another venue, as I cant book this one now...it will stress me out way too much! Thanks for the suggestion I will look it up. x
  • Nicole84ukNicole84uk Posts: 162
    Sweetstrawberry, hopefully word will get round about this venue and the co-ordinators attitude. Definitely right decision not to use this venue, but I would also write a letter of complaint to the Manager explaining what had happened and maybe he might get rid of her! Let us know when you find a better venue. Good Luck.
  • I think you should look elsewhere then delight in telling them you have booked elsewhere due to the attitude of the wedding co-ordinator!
  • Hi Nicole,

    I wrote a LOOOOOONG email at work, and sent it to their inbox, and have put a read reciept on it, so I know who has read it, and if she reads it herself..I will get in contact with the viscount who owns the Hall, and let him know about my email. But I am also planning on writing to him, as I am so horrified at the poor level of service from this wedding co- ordinator.

    The venue is so nice, but her and her snobby attitude are such a let down!

    Will keep you updated on progress. x
  • WeddingMonster- loving the name btw! Too cool!

    Hopefully we find another venue very soon, and then I will make them aware of what a high standard of customer service should be like!
  • MabsyukMabsyuk Posts: 237
    Sweetstrawberry -

    Have a look at Rowton Castle if you haven't already. I think Himley's been done up recently too. Blakeland's also has that country house feel if that's what you're after.

    Hagley Hall is beautiful, but the stress of dealing with someone like that just wouldn't be worth it!
  • Hi Mabsy,

    Rowton Castle was actually our initial choice months ago, but our families think its too far out! Hagley was a lot closer, and more convienient. But im definitley not going ot be dealing with them just because their venue is beautiful. I want all round good service, not just a pretty venue.

    Blakelands looks nice, will email them for a quote.

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