What do you think of this for a father and daughter song?

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Trying to find something meaningful for a father and daughter song to dance to at the wedding.

I confess i am a daddys girl, so i want to find something special, but whilst dad is a softie on the inside, he pretends to be all tough to everyone else.

Found these 2, wanted an opinion. First one is very sweet, and i love the reference to when a father gives her away in white, but maybe a little more father to daughter than the other way round?

The second one is maybe more daughter to father and a bit of a tear jerker!

Thoughts please!!

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    I prefer the overall sound of the second song - its just sounds more dancey than the 'father of girls' one.

    My dad and I danced to this one - we had to listen to it over and over before the day because we both kept crying so much when we heard it. No teras on the day though - think we had used them all up lol.

  • Ah i like the second one, had a tear in my eye. I want this one, showed my h2b and even he cried watching this video

  • iv just listened to a song called daddys angel & i cried its so lovely! go on you tube & search daddys angels.
  • I'm having this. It's a bit country and western but the words are amazing!!!!

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  • Great choice Emma. I was just about to suggest that 'Heartland' track.
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    Oh my god, just been sat here bawling lol. Beautiful songs. Are you letting your dads know before hand or suprising them, so everyone listens to the words?
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    Thanks for the input and suggestions ladies. "I loved her first" does have some lovely lyrics. Not sure if he would appreciate the country style tho'!

  • MrsKiraSRMrsKiraSR Posts: 1,424
    Nikkinoo, not sure if i will tell him in advance or not- if i pre warn him, he might object and refuse!!
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    I thought father - daughter dances were an American movie thing? Didn't know real people did them. Sorry - sure its fine if you have a 'normal' family, but can imagine the choas if I did that.
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    I know what you are saying, and hadnt consdered it myself till recently, but then i saw it mentioned somewhere, and it kind of seemed a nice thing to do- i am very close to my dad, and whilst he is trying not to show it, he is quite emotional about the wedding underneath, and feeling a bit left out, so i thought it would be a lovely gesture for him.

    k x
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    Just found another option that might be more right up my dads street, being a bit old fashioned!!! A very "old School" song.

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    I think if asked to do anything like that my step dad would end up crying. Alot.
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    Me and my dad are having heartland makes me cry every time! My dad says its prefect as he was the first one to hold me when I was born!! X x
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    VJ32- ahhh. i think my dad might let a sneaky tear appear, but will get all gruff and grumpy afterwards to cover it up. Fortunately i just have a step mum, not a step dad, so one dad makes it a bit easier.
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    Ajb - thats really sweet!! Unfortunately cant say the same about mine! He was at the golf course with no way fo ringing him! Turned up about 3 hours later! Oooop! The words "Dog house" come to mind! LOL
  • Hi Ladies,

    I also want a special dance with my Dad - we're very close and I want him to know I care. I thought I'd already chosen You Raise Me Up (Josh Groban version) as I think the words are more parental than couply (was originally on first dance shortlist) but am now loving I loved her first. My Dad knows that we will dance together to a special song but doesn't know what the song will be - wanted to keep it a surprise so may have to ask sister what she thinks.
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    i love the heartland one made me cry lots think i may have this one but still deciding image x
  • OMG, iv turned in to blubbering wreck but you have given me so many ideas.

    I loving 'you raise me up and the heartland one

    x x
  • Magicmason - which you raise me up version do you like?

    I have listened to Heartland again this morning with h2b and he thinks that's fab too - but thinks my Dad will cry and therefore so will I!

    Another thought is Because you loved me - I think that is intended as a father/daughter dance.
  • My daddy loves a waltz so i am looking for a father daughter dance that is a waltz any suggestions???
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    Hi Carrie.

    Just wondered, have you listened to the last one that i posted (at 12.06). Its more old fashioned, and the tempo i think might be quite suitable for a waltz.
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    Where can you get the heartland one on cd?
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