DJs in Essex

Has anyone got any recommendations for good DJ's in Essex? We are looking for someone who will be willing to play some of our own songs as well as a mix of their own.

Has anyone used/been to a wedding who used Armada Entertainment? They are on the recommended list that we got from our venue but ive never heard of them!


  • SarahSukSarahSuk Posts: 1,667

    I can highly recommend our DJ -

    We found them at a wedding fayre, they were amazing from start to finish. We didn't go with the DJ our venue recommended as they weren't professional, we wanted a job well done.

    Hope this helps x
  • Buckles00Buckles00 Posts: 243
    We've hired Mike Porter. He used to be an essex fm dj and is now on southend fm. Very reasonable and will play anything we like x
  • hey


    very good and really reasonable

    We have booked Essex Djs

    I contacted serveral DJs and Essex DJs weren't the most expensive or the cheapest. My photographer also recommended them.

    Good luck with your search. x

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