Sky Lanterns anyone??

Hello Brides 2 be

I have had an idea about having sky lanterns at our Wedding Reception. I have seen them on you tube and I love the idea ,they look so pretty and its very romantic with soft music in the background.

Is anyone else having these or have had them? Any comments or contacts for suppliers would be great!

301 days to go ,its sooooo exciting and I can't wait.

Good luck with your planning girls x :\)


  • I like the idea of these too, if you google it, it comes up with loads of suppliers.

    300 days to go image
  • shnarlsshnarls Posts: 469
    Oh yours is the day before! Its so exciting ,have you got your dress yet?

    I'll have a look on google but its not knowing who to go with!

    Good luck with your plans
  • mrshelen74mrshelen74 Posts: 9,282
    we had them and where brill, one per couple and look brill floating in the night sky. I got mine from ebay for about £30
  • flowermoonflowermoon Posts: 2,035
    my cousin had them and they looked brilliant! I'm thinking of getting them too but don't want to seem like I'm copying!! Did look into fireworks but venue doesn't allow them. The sky lanterns really are effective xxx
  • Check you are allowed them- there is a deer park at my venue so I'm not allowed them in case the wire comes down in the park and hurts the deers image

    They are soooo pretty too!
  • sbusarisbusari Posts: 162 have them for reasonable price best price have seen so far and free delivery.
  • daisyteandaisytean Posts: 1,382
    They are so beautiful - we are having them at midnight, with our last song playing through the open doors of the conservatory where we are having our dinner and dancing, and then the party will be all over!

    We got them from Hawkins Bazaar - if I remember, they were £29.99 for 10.
  • tabbytapstabbytaps Posts: 1,175
    They are amazing!!!! we used because all the parts are biodegradable and won't harm any animals...

    Here's our video...

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