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whats your first dance song.Suggestions please!


Me and my hubby 2 be don't actually have a song which we say is ours so i'm needing help!

Please tell me what you are having or any ideas! Me and my hubby 2 be have two left feet anyway and I know he is not looking forward to that part of the wedding cos he doesn't do dancing anywhere.

Thanks Girls x


  • tillypusstillypuss Posts: 571
    What kind of music do you both like?
  • i'm having the same problem, my H2B thinks we should have goo goo dolls IRIS but a lot of people have this as their first dance and i wanted soemthing a bit more unique
  • shnarlsshnarls Posts: 469
    Thats the problem ,i like all sorts and hubby 2 be doesn't really like slow songs. We both like kings of leon but I don't thing their songs would go down very well for a first dance lol x
  • RosieodukRosieoduk Posts: 366
    I'm a massive Bon Jovi fan so we may go for Always or we both really like Close to You by The Carpenters (soppy!)
  • Hi Ladies,

    H2B chose our 1st dance song, we're having Etta James (at last) I wanted aretha franklin (baby I love you) the one off the diet coke advert. a bit more lively. But must admit Etta's a good choice, when I hear it it makes me go all

    I did offer to sing to him because in the 14 years together we've never danced together ( although I love a dance with the girls) but he look mortified lol

    He said he want s dance lessons "bless"

  • hi girls we are having savage garden...truly madly deeply, love this song! and it was the only 1 we could decide on without my h2b telling me he wasnt dancing to a `gay` song! charming!
  • Hi Ladies,

    I'm stuck too! I really want wind beneath my wings (Stephen Houghton version) but h2b not at all convinced. He likes Louis Armstrong's We've got all the time in the world.

    I like the song but it doesn't blow me away so think we may have to start again.
  • minime2006minime2006 Posts: 792
    hi ladies - at my wedding we hd ewan macgreggor and elton johns - 'your song' from moulin rouge.

    you willl know the song you want when you hear it - we had been struggling with what to have and a week before the wedding we watched moulin rouge - when that song came on we just knew it iwas the one

  • xlaura7xukxlaura7xuk Posts: 231
    me and my h2b have chosen hero by enrique.

    he use to sing it to me when we first met so its very special and i always end up crying when i here it lol
  • Hi

    We are having Eva Cassidy - Songbird! When we went on our second date, my h2b put a CD on and this song was on it, and he told me that he had to feel "that way" about someone to marry them - so this was a perfect choice for us (the funny thing about this was, we were in the middle of a car!)

    Are there any songs from around the time you were first together that stand out? xx
  • RosieodukRosieoduk Posts: 366
    Our first dance was to S Club 7's Don't Stop Moving (?) so not really appropriate for out first wedding dance - but we are def going to have it played at some point in the evening.

    Another song I really like is Aerosmith's don't want to miss a thing or Whitesnake's is this love but h2b doesn't think this is appropriate lol

    It depends on what kind of music you like. As you can tell i'm a bit of a rock chic image
  • We were thinking of having DJ Sammy's Heaven (candlelight mix) as h2b is a dance music fan and it's the only thing he's liked of all the things I've suggested. However one of my friends has said it was boring as loads of people have that song which I'm slightly gutted about. I'd much rather have a more unusual song. I love the idea of Ewan McGregor's version of Your Song though - Moulin Rouge is my favourite film so I may have to suggest that to h2b! Doubt he'll go for it but worth a try! If he had his way there wouldn't be a first dance! image

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  • helenb2209helenb2209 Posts: 5,102
    We are having 2 dances. We have picked a song each. We are having smoochy number-Chasing cars and then 2nd dance which we want everyone else to get up and and dance to is Bonjovi-Living on a prayer xx
  • TheNemoTheNemo Posts: 929
    We're having feels like home from the soundtrack of the notebook and how to lose a guy in 10 gives me goosebumps..took ages to decide on that one, went trough about 5 different songs
  • MrsBiggs2bMrsBiggs2b Posts: 1,047
    Me & my h2b have been through soooo many choices when we have spoken about our 1st dance!

    The first was Paolo Nutini-Last request but we felt it was too slow to dance to.

    Then we had Etta James-At last but h2b changed his mind.

    Next came Hoobastank-The reason, but h2b worried how to dance to it!

    Then I wanted The Script-I'm yours because I love it but my h2b says as he's never heard The Scripts album & it wasn't familiar that it wouldn't mean anything to him!

    Finally we have agreed (I think) on The Beach Boys-Don't worry baby. I think its lively enough but not too lively, we didn't want anything too modern or obscure so that all of our guests could enjoy it.

    Other rejected ideas included:-

    Eric Clapton-Wonderful Tonight

    Frank Sinatra-Can't take my eyes off you

    Frankie Valli-My eyes adored you

    My h2b is determined we are having dance lessons though, he has 2 left feet & admits he is going to feel very uncomfortable dancing with everyone watching. Hopefully a few lessons will give him more confidence!

  • ShivyukShivyuk Posts: 687
    We are having Iris by Goo Goo Dolls (not Ronan Keating - he destroyed the song!!). We have loved this song for almost 10 years and always makes us look at eachother when it comes on.

    Good luck
  • we are having your song sung by mike skinner from the streets, this version gives me goosebumps
  • we were gonna have the goo goo dolls - iris,but changed it now to Al green, Lets stay together....i love the words!!!
  • LampiekatLampiekat Posts: 3,527
    Mrscharsley2B that's what we're having aswell as we love the words x
  • Quoted:
    i'm having the same problem, my H2B thinks we should have goo goo dolls IRIS but a lot of people have this as their first dance and i wanted soemthing a bit more unique

    We were going for Iris too but decided against it when it seemed everybody else was having it! (Love love love that song!) So have opted for Maybe Tomorrow by the Stereophonics as it was one of the songs that was around when we got together and it's completely SEXY! lol
  • Hey we are having damian rice blowers daughter it is slow but it means a lot to me and H2B.
  • we're having wonderwall by oasis as we are both massive fans and our band is an oasis tribute act! also our tables are namde after our favourite oasis songs and the string quartet will be playing an oasis song during the food!

    good luck choosing!

  • StakkaukStakkauk Posts: 178
    If you like Kings of Leon why not have Use Somebody - we're thinking of having this in our ceremony. To be honest I hadn't given it a thought but they used it as some background music on 4 weddings - it was one of the few things I'd seen on that show that I want for my own wedding!! lol
  • kate2008ukkate2008uk Posts: 137
    I am hoping to have Gladys Knight and the Pips, best thing that ever happened to me. I love the words -

    I've had my share,

    Of life's ups and downs,

    but fates been kind,

    the downs have been few,

    I guess you could say,

    I've been lucky,

    Or I guess you could say,

    That it's all because of you.
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