ideas needed please!!


I really need some ideas on reception entertainment.

Basically we need something to entertain people for a couple of hours between us finishing our meal, the evening guest arriving and disco starting. We don't want to do disco until about 8.

we thought about a ceilidh but have decided against this and have looked into casino hire but too expensive.

I also thought about village fete style games/fun but wedding is in December so not really suitable.

We can't afford a band either so that's out!

So, if anyone has any ideas for a cheap entertainment idea for a couple of hours, your advice/ideas would be gratefully accepted!

Thanks in advance




  • Hi,

    Will this be in the same room as the reception and evening disco? Why not bring some traditional games with you and everyone can join in - so you could have chess, draughts, connect 4, trivial pursuit, jenga etc?

    Or you could have some silly photos - saw a suggestion on here a few days ago about having a dressing up box and someone with a digital camera to capture them all!

  • littlemissleek, I did see that idea too (the photo props) and like it but I think I would need other stuff going on too.

    Everything is in same hotel so games could be an idea.

    Thanks for your suggestions!
  • How about some sort of quiz? You could get some questions together and get your guests into teams for a pub quiz type thing. This would mean you'd need the room with maybe a microphone. You could offer a prize to the winning team and it might give guests a chance to mingle with different people.
  • Loving the quiz idea, any suggestions on how this would work with the staggered arrival of evening guests? We think we'll have finished meal/speeches etc by about 6, evening guests are arriving from 6.30-7ish.

    Some great ideas though - thanks littlemissleek!
  • Hmm, you could have each team start with an even number if people (say 4 per team) and then any evening guests join a tam if they want to - so the first evening guests would join any team and then the next join a team with fewer members. It may mean that you as the bride and groom wouldn't join in as you'd need to greet your evening guests and ask if they want to join in or not but its an idea.

    I'll keep thinking.
  • I think the quiz idea is good and the idea of letting guests join a team when they arrive if they want to.

    Another idea - you could do a mr & mrs type thing where you have a few couples up doing the same as they do on the TV show and the new arrivals could join the audience.

    S xx
  • kitten-Bkitten-B Posts: 97
    Do you really need any extra entertainment? I think wedding days go so fast that it is nice to have a few hour long bits were you can just mingle and have a few drinks and chat. And the wedding breakfast/speeches nearly always overruns so it is good to have a gap which it can overrun into. If you definitely want entertainment though the quiz ideas are fun! X
  • Flossie,

    If you are looking for Casino hire I would try

    The offer wedding packages and if you email them on [email protected], I am sure that they will be able to help.

    I was head bridesmaid and we used them for especially this reason. Meal finishing at 4.30 and disco not starting till 7.30.

    I think they spoke via email to Wayne who provided a roulette and a blackjack table,croupiers, delivery and a free bottle of champagne for about £300 i think??

    Hope this helps

    Nicola imageimageimage
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