Table plan or Escort cards?

VJSwedVJSwed Posts: 159
I had been planning on having a table plan made but I am now considering having Escort cards instead.

People won't be crowded round one board...what do you think? Have you been to a wedding with Escort cards?!

Thank you!!


  • bandawe500bandawe500 Posts: 198
    Hey Mrs Andy

    I am having Escort cards as I really would rather my family were not confused with a table planner (and me not to be either, although I will be making one for the venue) and I love the idea of another table to decorate, I am getting married in September 2010 and already have bought my decorations for the escort card table which are different to the main tables. I do however have the task of making all the escort cards but they will be another keepsake from the wedding along with the order of day booklets!

    Hope that helps a little

  • Probably being think but whats an escort card?
  • ziggywigsziggywigs Posts: 1,435
    LOL we're kinda having both....i'm having a table plan showing where the tables are and escort cards to tell them what table they're at....just gives me flexibility to change things until the last minute with the cards...also i can make the table plan sooner and just shuggle the numbers around the tables up to a max of 10 although aiming for 8 per table ideally.
  • xlaura7xukxlaura7xuk Posts: 231
    yea me too whats an escort card? :S
  • ziggywigsziggywigs Posts: 1,435
    They're little cards with the name of the group/person on them in envelopes telling them what table they are seated at. You leave them on a table for people to pick up on the way in to the venue.
  • xlaura7xukxlaura7xuk Posts: 231
    aw thats a good idea i like that image
  • bonkers28473bonkers28473 Posts: 2,238
    do you still have name cards on the tables?
  • VJSwedVJSwed Posts: 159
    Yes, I think I might do this instead!

    Does anybody have pictures of their Escort cards, or any good photos found online?
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