Reception tables - decoration ideas??

Have the centrepieces (candlebras) sorted for the tables at out receptions but was wondering if anyone had any other ideas of little things you can do to decorate the tables a bit more, using your wedding's colour theme? Obviously would love to make them look really pretty!

I saw something about rose petals - are these usually real or fake petals? Sorry if that is a daft question!


  • StakkaukStakkauk Posts: 178
    Shropshire Petals do natural petal confetti - I'm thinking of having it myself. Also I'd like to have tealights but not sure about this from a safety aspect (although there'll only be two small children) we've got a champagne and rose theme so trying to think of things that go with that really.

  • nikki_26uknikki_26uk Posts: 223

    Im having tall martini glasses filled with Lillies, roses and peonies in hot pink and white, sitting these on round mirrors. Im then having a few hot pink rose pink rose petals with scatter crystals to catch the light on the mirror plates.

    I dont think you really need to go over the top with decor as by the time everything else is on the table ie; bottles of wine, jugs of water, name cards, favours, napkins , cutlery and glasses you dnt want it to look too busy and crammed.
  • kitten-Bkitten-B Posts: 97
    The natural petal confetti looks gorgeous - thanks for the tip Stakka! A bit concerned it will be a bit expensive to buy enough to scatter on all the tables (probably about £100) - do you think it is worth the price difference with silk rose petals (about £5 from ebay)?

    I love the tall martini glasses by the way - was at a wedding a couple of weeks ago where they had them and they were stunning!

    I know what you mean about busy tables and I don't like that either so will be careful!


    i'm just going for a vase wich holds a candle in then little pebbles inside around the bottom these are stood on round mirrors with some different size scatter diamond things ,, just want to keep in simple

    there's soooo many nice one's out there it's hard to decide
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