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Curradine Barns Worcester


Has anybody been to a reception/event here or is having theirs there?


Becky x


  • VPukVPuk Posts: 580
    Hi Becky yes we are getting married and having our reception at the barns on 31 August! We loved it as soon as we saw it, and it's the perfect size for us too.
  • mellenukmellenuk Posts: 576
    Us too - the day after VP

    We love it! x
  • mellenukmellenuk Posts: 576
    By the way, I'm not sure what the deal is with the caterers now, but if you decide to have it there and have the option of choosing someone else then have a shop around. They've struck up a deal with a single caterer since we booked, and the prices are steep compared to our caterer.

    Goodness, does that make sense??!!!

  • VPukVPuk Posts: 580
    It does, and they are steep! I looked at the website and £50 for the basic package seems like a lot of money! You only get 3 glasses of wine for that too! We've been choosing wine this week and being able to bring your own with no corkage makes a real difference!
  • richemilyrichemily Posts: 208
    I loved the look of the barns but they were soooo expensive.
  • mellenukmellenuk Posts: 576
    Actually bagpie, with bringing in own champs and wine (with no corkage), plus choosing our own caterer, it's worked out about the same as hotel venues we were looking at. Only diff is that we've been able to afford to buy nice champagne and wine rather than settle for some of the stuff you get with the hotel packages (quality booze was one of our big priorities for the day!!!)
  • becky_lpbecky_lp Posts: 123
    We are going to go look around it this weekend. I was under the impression that we could only use the caterer whose info we got sent. When did you all book?
  • VPukVPuk Posts: 580
    We booked in May last year. I think they changed things around July last year. It's still a lovely venue, but as they've made catering more expensive and not cut the hire charges I don't think we could afford it if we had to use the new caterers.

    The booze has been the greatest thing for us too. We aren't spending a fortune (less than we would have spent if we'd had to buy house wines) but we've been tasting at Majestic (who were fantastic by the way - really helpful and knowledgeable and don't turn their nose up whatever your buget) and we've been able to spend less than £6 a bottle for the wine and get really nice stuff (tip is to buy what's on offer as you get a good deal). We're tasting sparkling wines this weekend. We decided to go with non-Champagne sparkling wines as then we can buy a really good cava or similar, rather than the cheapest champagne just so it says champagne.
  • mellenukmellenuk Posts: 576
    We booked in 2005! I would check to see whether you can still bring in your own caterer for a cost. Even if they charge money (at the time of our booking it was £200 charged to the caterer), it will probably end up a lot cheaper. If you decide to book there, and you'd like to have your own caterer, I can give you the number for ours, and I'm sure VP wouldn't mind passing you the number for Mulberry.

    Hey VP, we bought our booze from Majestic as well. After a LOT of tasting(!!) we chose a beautiful red worth £10 a bottle, and a divine white worth £8 a bottle - at the bargain price of £6 each! We were thrilled, and it's that delicious that we've even got some for our own consumption for the meantime before the wedding!!!

    Totally agree that there are some gorgeous cavas out there. We ended up with a bit of mid-range Veuve Clicquot for the champs 'cause we both love it, plus that was on offer too (and it's near on impossible to find anything sparkling that h2b likes - bl**dy pain in the *rse!!). Found Majestic were great, as they've agreed to store it for us too.

  • Hi there. Looking at Curradine Barns as a potential venue for our wedding at the end of this year/ early next.. Does anyone know if they still let you bring your own alcohol with no corkage charge. Noticed the messages on here but that was a few years ago! Thanks!

  • Hello, I'm also looking at curradine barns - it's Gorgeous!! I know there are food and drink packages but does anyone know if you can supply your own drinks with/without corkage? Also can you shop around for caterers? Thanks! 

  • I'm looking to get married at Curradine Barns in 2017/2018 ... does anyone know the cost of the farmhouse that has 9 bedrooms? I know there's a brochure that has a lot of costing information for the catering and venue hire but I'm sure that the farmhouse is extra. xx 

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