Anyone getting married in the Trafalgar Tavern in Greenwich?

Hi everyone

Wondered if anyone was getting married (or has got married) at the Trafalgar Tavern in Greenwich? We are about to book it and just keen to hear some nice stories about it and any tips!

Thank you! x


  • I'm not, but we live near it and see weddings go on all the time. The location is beautifula dn you'll get soem great photos in the university grounds. x
  • We're goingto have a look at it on Saturday week. Although have to say that the hire fee and minmum spend has put me off a bit...

    But I love Greenwich and the location is to die for so I may suck it up!

  • Hi Holly Pockett It's really lovely - I wasn't keen before I went but then fell in love with it. I am going for a Sunday so the hire fee is £1,700 + £2,000 minimum spend on food and booze. You don't have to have their wedding menus either we are going for fish and chips which saves about £20 per head! Let me know what you think of it.

    Thanks for posting Diamons and Sparkles - glad someone else thinks it's as nice as me!
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    Hello ladies,

    We are getting married here next September! misssausage, when are you getting married? Would be great to share tips/ideas with a fellow Trafalgar bride!

  • Hello LMStoBe! We are getting married on 4 July next year. Haven't really organised anything else yet but will keep you posted. Thinking of having a London theme. How are you getting on? x
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    We are contemplating a London theme too! Either that or a NY theme as that's where we got engaged. So far have booked the venue and a jazz/Sinatra singer for the afternoon/early evening and now looking into a DJ. Also trying to get the photographer sorted, other than the venue the photographer and the music are the most important things for us, all else will follow after.

    Have also been looking at dresses but it's starting to stress me out so think I'll put that on hold for a while!

    Like your idea of fish and chips too, we are going for sausage and mash, like you say it also keeps the cost down!

  • Sounds fab! Will you let me know which DJ/florist/photographer you go with? I might be having a friend DJ and another one take photos. Florists I have an appt with Rachel Morgan Flowers who has done a wedding there before and is quite reasonable. I'm with you on some appointments at the end of the month but just have a feeling it is going to be a saga!

  • Hi Misssausage,

    We're going to have a look on Saturday. As we would have a Sat wedding it's £3k hire and £3.2k minimum spend which is quite a chunk..

    But the fish and chips idea is a good way to keep costs down...

  • Hi Hollypockett did you go and look? What did you think? x
  • HI Misssausage,

    Bloody loved it! Thought it was so gorgeous, but I had a few things that didn't quote fit with me. Worried about the bar being in a different room and the main room is huge!

    And when we worked out the numbers (all food and drink etc) it left us with £1k to do the rest of the wedding!! I just couldn't make the numbers work which is a shame because I really liked it.

    Went dress shopping on Sat, it's going to be as hard as I thought it was! How's yours going?

  • Yeah the main room is massive isn't it! And I know what you mean about the bar... but my family and friends will be forced onto the dancefloor!! Sounds like it isn't right for you though...what other venues are you looking at?

    What happened at dress shopping nothing you liked? I am going on Sat...bit scared. Other than that I haven't done much a photographer, giving notice on weds then moving on to flowers as next thing. Did try to get bridesmaid dresses but that's already stressed me out so I will come back to that one! x

  • Bits of dresses that I liked but nothing that I liked everything of!! Plus the woman insisted on bringing me strapless dresses when that's one thing that I don't want my dress to be. Can't carry strapless anything but she just thought that I was being negative, which just annoyed me really! x
  • I always had to be the one that called them. They didn't call me. I had concerns about this throughout, however we were so keen to proceed with the venue I figured I would find my polite way to suggest they need to improve their communication somewhere along the way.

    I was assured I had a pencil in the diary for two months. I called numerous times to double check. I was told I was unable to proceed any further with the pencil as the room was undergoing refurbishment however they will put me in the diary and once the room was available they would get me in to proceed. After a few weeks I still hadn't heard from them and so I called again. I was invited in to meet a manager who told me there had been a muddle and the room was no longer available for hire. I asked what on earth I was doing there?

    I have discussed this with friends and family and responses have varied from 'rubbish', 'quite unbelievable in terms of service, attitude and general shiftiness' to 'total bulls**t'.

    I would strongly advise anyone to think twice before entrusting these people with large sums of money, let alone 'your big day'.

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