Orangery Margam Park: info please!

We've booked the Orangery near Port Talbot for our wedding next year....

Just heard a bad report from my Uncle!!!???

Anyone know some good reports to help me feel a bit better...



  • kate342kate342 Posts: 3,358
    I have no reports I'm afraid hun but have you tried googling it? We always use a site online before choosing holiday venues so it's worth doing.

    And just remember, one bad review doesn't mean it's all bad :\)

  • what bad reports have you heard?? we're thinking of the Orangery. how are you finding working out a budget? They can't give actual prices for our wedding (2009) until Jan 09- how are you finding that?
  • cdsmiler81cdsmiler81 Posts: 2,014
    I fancied the Organgery but it was a bit expensiove for our budget, adn we couldn't bring in any outside caterers (all we wanted was a chocolate fountain!) from what we could tell. So I emeiled them, along with a few other questions, but they never got back to me (after responding to me with their wedding brochure straight away with my initial querey).

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  • I nearly booked there. The women were really nice and helpful. They wouldn't let us alter the evening buffet though. I went to a wedding there nearly 2 years ago and it was lovely. One potential problem though is that the public can access all around it and there could be a fair on which could be disruptive.
  • went to wedding there 2 weeks ago and it was stunning

    not a bad work to say about it except that the duck main course wasn't amazing. venue was beautiful, staff were helpful and i've never seen the bride or groom look so happy
  • My friends got married there in December last year and it was AMAZING! It was a breathtaking venue...simply stunning. The food was gorgeous and there was tonnes of it, we were so stuffed! The staff were so courteous, well dressed and helpful. It was wonderful.
  • We went to a family wedding there in December - it was a lovely venue, although the food was absolutely awful - like canteen food and the staff serving were quite abrupt and almost like dinner ladies! One of the young waitresses even said 'F***ing h*ll I hate this place' to her mate right behind us when serving champagne!

    The atmosphere is lovely and the ceremony room is beautiful, just ask them some serious questions about the food.

  • the staff were lovely back in september, but i agree that the food wasn't amazing. might be worth talking about outside caterers, or having a menu tasting with close family
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