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Dance lessons

Hi, after much discussion me and OH have decided we might like dance lessons for our first dance. We don't want to do a full on show dance thing but jsut to improve our shuffling! However he works away and we only have weekends together and we get married in 10 weeks. Do you think this is feasible?


  • Yes definately, contact some people locally they should be easy to fit you in. We have been quoted £25 per hour private 1-2-1 tuition (this can range up to about £40 per hour). Most places seem to recommend 3 lessons minimum to grasp some basic steps
  • GurtyukGurtyuk Posts: 407
    Thanks for the reply. I've just been hunting online but all the people I've found are in London. There some that cover the whole of the uk but charge £50 an hour!

    Does anyone know and dance teachers in the Satffordshire/Birmingham area?
  • What town are you in?
  • GurtyukGurtyuk Posts: 407
    Between Lichfield and Cannock
  • have you got any dance schools near you? the teachers often do wedding dance lessons on the side x
  • Hi Gurty,

    We have been using ZigZag dance factory

    We have been going to beginners classes in Sutton Coldfield for a few months and also had two private lessons. Our instructor is Karen and she is brilliant - we bought along our first dance song to the private lesson, explained what sort of thing we wanted and she gave us different options.

    Hope this helps
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