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Im searching for a card post box that is a bit different, would love a actually post box but there are so expensive, any of you got some ideas for me??

the search goes on.....


  • SarahSukSarahSuk Posts: 1,667

    I have just left a message on the other thread.

  • Hey mrs L2b.... they are on ebay for about a fiver, i'm tempted to get abox now up to christmas and get it ready for next year, -

    also a post box- do you know any nursery teachers that might have one lurking somewhere? usually schools have them for xmas time? xx
  • I just got one of those boxes you fold up yourself from the post office, wrapped it in wedding paper and added a few of my own bits and pieces. I cut out the slit at the top but I wrapped it in a way that I could open the box without destroying it. People commented on how nice it was and I use it now to store my keepsakes in. image
  • I'm getting mine from here

    I saw them at a wedding fair last year and they are soo pretty. You can buy extra embellishments from them as well.

  • I got mine from you can personalise it to say Mr&Mrs ........ and colour match it. Its on the online shop bit of the website.
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