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we're getting married in the ramada in watford. The rooms suitable for our guest numbers (60 for wedding breakfast) i didnt like. When we went to the wedding fayre at the hotel we saw the mirrored ballroom & h2b decided he wanted that room. It was big but it didnt look that big. Looking back that was because it was full of wedding fayre things & the room was very dimly lit. We went to the hotel yesterday to see the room set up for an xmas do & it looked huge. im worried just how big it was! there was 15 tables set out, all decorated. All the lights were on & it was very bright. wedding co-ordinator said they had a small reception in that room last year & the bride had a starlight curtain to close of a third of the room which was then opened for the evening. we will be having 9 tables + top table, sweetie table & guestbook table. We're also having chair covers which should make the room look fuller. I want to have a curtain or something to break up the room. i got some quotes yesterday, the cheapest being £380. h2b is refusing to pay this. i can understand why but im really worried the room will look empty. h2b says no one will care what i looks like & we're not changing rooms either.

do you think i should go for the backdrop or just leave it? i know im worrying over something really silly!

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  • Hmmm....this is an interesting one. We have a venue where I'm worried it's too small but the manager thinks for our number of guests it might be too big...

    How many people do you have per table? Ours we can fit 8-10 so we're going to go for 10 per table so that there are less tables (we both think it's too small despite the manager) so maybe you could do the opposite?

    Also, do you have a DJ or something like that that you could pull forward and leave some dead space behind?

    Regarding the curtain I understand where you're coming from- could you ask the venue if they know where the other bride got it from?

    Or perhaps look at netted lights over Xmas?

    Almost £400 is a lot of money for a curtain but it all depends on your budget really.
  • we are having between 6-8 per table. having a dj so would definately leave space for that at the back of the room.

    they cant tell me where the other bride got it from due to client confidentiality! they could at least ask the bride & maybe pass on my email address.

    found somewhere else today that can do it for £325 but h2b is not budging on his decision
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