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Please help with my menu!

What goes with wild mushroom risotto ? i.e. veg and type of potato

and we'd like a trio of desserts what goes with a mini apple crumble?!


  • I'm confused. Are you asking us to recommend a style of potato to go with risotto? Or is risotto your starter? Or what?
  • kentyukkentyuk Posts: 124
    well, risotto is a main option, we also have the choice of a potato+veg to go with it, but I thought you tend to have it on its own?!
  • Kenty - ah. I get it now. Yeah, I wouldn't put potato with risotto. I guess you could serve with a nice side salad though - that would work well.
  • I would say a rocket salad or something x

    apple crumble,(the toffee in the banoffee will compliment the apple as well) banoffee pie and and something else light
  • your menu sounds similar to mine! lol
  • A rocket salad sounds perfect! If you're worried about people wanting more could you do garlic bread or something?

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