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:\) Hi everyone.

I am thinking of making cookies for favours and putting them into a little box. Does anyone know any good recipes that would make good cookies or any thing along those lines. The last batch i made were rock hard. Although that might just be my cooking!


  • I love the idea of cookie favours, I saw a thread on here a while ago with some nice ideas, and a company called Peggy Porschen do gorgeous ones, hadn't thought about making them myself, it would be a nice personal touch, sorry havnt got a recepie, but wuld also be interested in any that anyone has. Got loads of time to practice.
  • rmacukrmacuk Posts: 663
    have you tried a deliah recipe - hers are usually pretty good.

    We are thinking of this as an idea too - but I'm worried about my decorating skills!!!

    good luck x
  • SUEDIVASUEDIVA Posts: 1,716
    in this months edition of yyw there is a section on making favour cookies and icing them with the receipe in it.
  • Hello Ladies,

    I am currently in the middle of setting my own business up with my sister making cookie wedding favours, had lots of positive feedback so far! All shapes and colours, wedding dresses, suit jackets, hearts, fairies and stars to name but a few. They come in a cellophane bag with ribbon to match your theme! If you would like me to send you a sample let me know!!

    Michelle x
  • Are you doing just cookies or chocolates too?
  • Just cookies at the moment smileybride x
  • sounds like a good idea! let me know how they go. when is your wedding and have u picked your dress?

  • My wedding is on 4th August 2007, i can't believe it has gone so quick! There is so much to do!!

    My dress hasn't come in yet so i have to make do with trying the one on in the shop! Should be in the next couple of weeks x

    When is your wedding day? What chocolates did you have in mind?

  • kel2912kel2912 Posts: 575
    i havent got any cookie recipes, but if you post on eneral chat Mrs Penguin has got a receipe for chocolates & they are delicious!
  • cat83leecat83lee Posts: 5
    Thanks everyone! If anyone has other ideas or finds a recipe please let me know. thanks.
  • k8hatk8hat Posts: 820
    Hiya Im making cookies and have made some trial batches with this recipe, thought almond cookies were quite a nice idea too as its a slight link to traditional sugar almonds!!!!

    They are dead easy to make and yummy, have tried them with vanilla essence too...

    Almond biscuits

    175g (6oz) Self raising flour

    Pinch of salt

    75g (3oz) caster sugar

    50g (2oz) ground almonds

    150g (5oz)margarine

    Few drops almond essence or vanilla essence

    1. Heat oven to 180 and grease 2 baking trays

    2. Mix together dry ingredients and rub in the margarine

    3. Add essence and mix well, and bring together using your hands

    4. Roll out thinly and cut into shapes. (Ive got some heart cutters)

    5. Place on baking tray (they get bigger!) and bake for approx. 15 mins

    Im getting celllophane bags from ebay and tying them with a gold ribbon...let me know how you get on xx

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  • westergillewestergille Posts: 323
    Mmmm, sound yummy. I'm having cookie favours too but a friend is making them.
  • k8hatk8hat Posts: 820
    Check out this website for ideas to decorate, scroll down to the pics reckon Im going to get some rollable icing and cut a slightly smaller heart and then ice the name on that x
  • PeeGPeeG Posts: 94
    Check out this website for ideas to decorate, scroll down to the pics reckon Im going to get some rollable icing and cut a slightly smaller heart and then ice the name on that x

    Have you seen small heart cutters anywhere. Me and my fiancee (cat83) have been looking for small enough ones so the cookies can fit in the favour boxes we have but have not seen any anywhere.
  • Try Hobbycraft. I got some heart cutters to make icing decorations for a practice run at decorating my own cake. They are about £4.50 but they are a nice shape and very easy to cut with. You get three sizes but they are all small and would all fit in favour boxes.
  • cat83leecat83lee Posts: 5
    Thanks everyone. Will try out the recipes and look at the websites to get ideas.
  • k8hatk8hat Posts: 820
    Hiya I got my heart cutters from a kitchen shop in an outlet village, cant remember the name though, sorry! x
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