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Chocolate Fountains

clairistclairist Posts: 121
Has anyone had or booked a chocolate fountain? Any recommendations please?


  • i have ordered a chocolate fountin £595.00 for three hours
  • RosyPosyukRosyPosyuk Posts: 215
    I really wanted one but my Mum's bought the wedding bible which advises against it- very messy apparantly and we're responsible for clearing up the venue- so she's put the kaibosh on that!

  • clairistclairist Posts: 121
    Oh No!

    Our reception venue have been very good about it - they dont seem worried about it at all. In fact they've given us a contact!!

    Bit worried about chocolate on dress though.
  • MariajesMariajes Posts: 7
    i'm staying away from chocolate fountains!

    I went to an army ball where there was one and people were getting chocolate everywhere. It was a shame because people had chocolate down their gorgrous dresses and uniforms. If you do have one, be extra careful not to get any on your wedding dress!
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