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Tall flowers or low arrangements?

My venue has straight tables rather than round. They are 6 feet long and sit 8 people. They're not very wide, and there's hardly any room on them once the plates and glasses are on. I'm not too happy with the table arrangement really, but I'll have to learn to live with it! Here's the room and the tables (ignore the tablecloths and chairs, we are hiring our own)

My question is, should I go for one big flower arrangement in a tall, thin vase in the middle of each table like this (without the flowers on the bottom):

Or 3 low arrangements - one in the centre and one near each end?

I can't help but think that small arrangements would get dwarfed by the room and the busy tables, and might get in the way (we'd have side plates too, which they don't have on the pic), but the tall arrangements might look strange on straight tables?

The other option is to have a 3'6" gold candelabra in the middle of each table and maybe have flowers on that.



  • kodeykodey Posts: 375
    I prefer smaller arrangements that you can admire and at the same time talk to the person sitting opposite you. I understand that the taller arrangements add interest to the room but I think they're expensive and not really appreciated. I'd go for small - we're having small goldfish bowls filled with colourful blooms.
  • mellenukmellenuk Posts: 576
    The small arrangements look pretty.

    Something else I've seen which might work is a line of tall, single stem vases (which are thin, so shouldn't get in the way) with a single flower in them running the length of the the table. It sounds boring, but it's surprisingly eyecatching!

  • leafyukleafyuk Posts: 2,182
    Princess4theday, I recently went to a wedding in an almost identical room, and they had small, low arrangements on the tables, and then big tall ones on tables at the edge of the room (one on each side of the room), and their florist had wired some real flowers and leaves around the chandeliers haning g from the ceiling. It was stunning! I would highly receommend it to you. Also, it's nice for your guests to have low arrnagements because a) they can admire them while seated, and b) they don't get in the way when you're trying to talk with people across the table!

    I always thought I would go for big arrangements for the impact etc, but after being to a few beautiful weddings recently, and looking at lots of pictures in magazines and on-line, I have realised it's not the way to go. Save the big or tall arrangements for places other than the dining tables xx
  • We're going for smaller arrangements cos I think they look neater and cuter. We've got tall candle holders too though so didn't want too many high things on the table. It's so hard to choose when there's so many lovely ideas around. I like mellen's idea - sounds very eyecatching!!
  • Either would looks lovely but i think you have quite a grand room and with thin tables, tall vases could look really stunning.

    We are going for short displays but only because i have fallen in love with some mirroed cube vases with tealights all around. I went to a wedding last weekend which had flowers similar to the tall ones you put the link for and the room looked fab! gave a really presence as you walked in the room.

    Take a picture of the room to your florist and any good florsit should be able to advise you what would make the room look most special.

    X x
  • personally prefer shorter flower arrangements (am short person) so I cna see what is going on however the slim tall vases seem like a good idea (if you are sure you have no clumsey relatives like mine in which case something delicate may hit the deck!

    By the way I think the room is stunning flowers whic hplay up on all the light you have in those great windows woudl begreat.
  • hayleysumnerhayleysumner Posts: 1,296
    Hi guys, thanks for the replies :\)

    Do you think we could get away with having NO flowers on the tables? I'm planning to have 4 or 6 big pedestal arrangements for the ceremony and entrance hall anyway, which can be moved into the reception room and put in each corner (something like this but different colours: Wedding Portfolio photos/Venues/Sundridge Park Mansion/Kelly & Mark/Pedestal Arrangement.JPG )

    We're also bringing in gold chairs with ivory seats, floor-length ivory tablecloths with a pale gold runner down the centre, and will have our favour boxes on the tables too. So I thought maybe I could line up some tea light holders or church candles down the middle, and have each one on a bed of cream rose petals? Our bouquets will be used for the top table so that's sorted.

    I just don't want it to look like we've skimped on flowers, but the tables are so narrow, once the plates and glasses are on there's only 3 gaps where I can put flowers, and each one is only about 5 inches square. And we're having 15 tables, so if I have 3 small arrangements on each table, that's 45 arrangements, which will cost a lot!

  • leafyukleafyuk Posts: 2,182
    I'll be honest, I'm not sure about having NO flowers on your tables, Princess4theday. I really think flowers (or other arrangements - I've also seen twigs, leafy branches, feathers and FRUIT) can add something special to a table. If you're worried about the tables being too cluttered, I think they only need to be small bunches. Check out pictures in books like Simple Stunning Weddings by Karen Bussen - I've found them really inspiring, as they prove that less really can be more! (I know it's a cliche but it really can be true!) If you can't find the book, I bought it from a Books Etc and I know they can order it in if you want them to. It's a seriously amazing book. Also, here are some pictures that might inspire you xx

  • mellenukmellenuk Posts: 576
    I agree with Leafy, and think it might look a bit too plain if you go for no flowers.

    But if you're really that worried about clutter, have you thought about decoration the back of the chairs? There are some ideas in the YYW mag.

    Alternatively how about a single stem at each place setting? You could attach the names to the stem of the flower, or write it on the leaves???

    Also, to cut down on clutter, I'd suggest maybe having just one glass per person, and if people want another for water/diff wine then they can ask for it...

  • leafyukleafyuk Posts: 2,182
    Get any inspiration from those pictures, Princess4the day? image
  • leafyukleafyuk Posts: 2,182
    Oh and here's a whole feature on long tables...
  • hayleysumnerhayleysumner Posts: 1,296
    Hi Leafy!

    You've totally convinced me to have the small flower arrangements! Those pics are great - I was a bit worried about cost for 45 arrangements, but there's been a development. It turns out there used to be a florist next door to my H2B's jewellers, but they moved ages ago so I never knew about it. So we were in town yesterday, and went into the greengrocers for some fruit, as you do, and the florist woman was there! Turns out she never went away at all, she just went into business with her brother, the greengrocer, and now does her flowers from that shop! So I told her what I wanted (small posies of roses with some greenery around the edge) and she said she can do that for much cheapness, the only thing is I'd have to provide my own vases or pots.

    So then....stop me if I'm being crazy.....I was in B&Q tonight lookin for paint, and took a wander out to the garden centre. And there I saw them! Terracota plant pots in all different sizes, for pennies! I saw these little ones about 5 inches high and the same wide, and they were really cute! I'm thinking a bit of gold or cream spray paint and they'd be great, with some nice roses and ivy trailing down the sides.

    Yes? No? Totally tacky and crap?!

    I've also decided to look at starters that don't need a side plate, to give us some more room.

  • leafyukleafyuk Posts: 2,182
    I like it! Paint them cream/white/ivory if you don't want it to look too rustic. Will look great with roses and ivy! xx
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