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Can anyone personally recommend a good DJ in the Herts area?


We are getting married in October and am panicking that we haven't booked a DJ yet! I don't really just want to pick one out of the yellow pages and was hoping friends or family would be able to personally recommend someone they had used and were good but I haven't had any luck. Can anyone recommend someone?


Claire x


  • gemoliviagemolivia Posts: 592
    hi, we have booked blue mark entertainment as our dj, he is based in hatfield, does loads of extras too. worth having a look, he has a website
  • Kellyv81Kellyv81 Posts: 243
    Hi ya,

    My DJ is in London and will travel all over!

    He is a singer in a swing band too!

    I've been to a reception where he played and that's why I booked him, He really is great!

    Email me for his details if you like.. x x

    [email protected]

    The link to the band he plays with!

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  • We've booked Your Wedding Disco as they look fantastic!
  • ck2011ck2011 Posts: 56
    gemolivia: how much are you paying blue mark entertainment? Have just spoken to them and they have quoted £475 which is more than we wanted to pay really- did you haggle?
  • I am having the same trouble trying to find a good disco, I cant believe how hard it is to find one.

    I think reccomendations are the best way to find a good reliable disco.

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  • i cant sing the praises of the gy we used enough!

    Dom Brister, singer and dj... had our guests up all night, and greatly accepted our input (asked for it in the planning stages!)definately worht a look.
  • Hey, We're getting married in October too! We're booking Sonic Disco - their disco package is £275.00 i believe. They also do a photo projection package which includes the disco and a photographer to take pictures of everyone during the disco, then they project the photos onto a projection screen too. We're thinking of booking this package. The guy Steve is really helpful and seems nice.Their website is

    Where are you getting married? xx
  • njwarnernjwarner Posts: 249
    I have a friend who works for a dj agency, take a look at their website

    we got a £250 package. They also give you a list to fill in on what music you like and dont like.
  • njlewisnjlewis Posts: 19
    We used a guys (Beds) called extreme disco and he was really good. His prices seemed ok - he is dyslexic I think so when you correspond he might seem dodgy but he was great - loves music and knows how to get everyone involved. He can do a song list form you if you contact him in advance. Oh tell him to dress appropriately if he comes early to set up the PA system for you to use for the speeches etc in advance before coming back to do the disco lol.
  • janis7janis7 Posts: 1 New bride

    We're getting wed in Nov. We have booked Motiv-8 after seeing them play at a friends wedding in Glenridding (lakes area.) 

    They were amazing, had everybody dancing all night. 

    We have just spent the evening requesting all our music online, so we know what will and wont be played. We have also booked the projection tv so our guests can also show their wedding photos from their phones - they are really good and they will travel. is their website. 

    janis  xx

  • This is the best Wedding DJ in Hertfordshire 
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