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How many venues did you visit?

I wa just wondering how many venues people had looked at before finding the one that they decided to use.

We've got an appointment to see a venue that we like on Sunday and I'm really excited. We haven't looked at or made appointments to see any others yet and I'm really hoping that we won't have to, but that's probably a bit unrealistic. I've had brochures from load sof places and managed to rule wquite a few out just from the brochures and info - too big, too grand, too restrictive, to expensive etc etc and I'm dreading having to sift through them all again if this place doesn't work out.

We want a relaxed outdoor wedding but as we're only having around 40 guests loads of places have said we can't have a marquee as they only do marquee's for weddings with over 150 people! Or we can have a huge one, or one that will cost us double again.

Anyway, how many venues did you see before you found the right one?

thanks, x


  • BaxterukBaxteruk Posts: 3,373
    We looked at about four different venues and i loved them all, then we were on the way home one day and came a different way and just passed this new restaurant that had opened, i went back for breakfast there with my Cb and loved it so then just had to convince H2b as he wanted something attached to a hotel and this isnt! I know that i loved the first venues but i adore this one and can imagine getting married there!
  • Mrs_AmandaMrs_Amanda Posts: 3,284
    Even if you think it's perfect, I'd look at a couple of others so you have a point of reference.

    I got a shortlist of about 20 to show to my OH, then we chose 5 to view. We fell for the first ones and the others didn't compare, but we felt happier knowing we had explored the options.
  • Hi again,

    Good luck with Sunday I think you'll love it!!

    We.... well I, looked at tons of venues in scotland and in ireland where h2b family from - there is a restriction over there that you cant just get married anywhere and theres residency conditions etc so I soon scrapped that and concentrated on here.

    I didnt really have a clue what I was looking for but knew what I wasnt if that makes sense? I didnt really want a hotel. I wanted something informal and outdoorsy if possible. I wanted something not too restrictive and relaxed.

    I looked at Dryburgh abbey as it was amazing for pics but didnt like the hotel and then Idepressed myself with finding somewhere for about2 months until somehow I found Fingask.

    I really wanted somewhere out of the way, in the country, with a nice place to say vows but not too remote that there wasnt any accomodation. I did think of the marquee thing but way too much hassle to organise myself plus the cost!!!!

    I was trying to get somewhere as cheap as I could that matched everything but somewhere where our personalities came through and not the hotel staffs personalities.

    Im quite fussy as you may have guessed but not in a posh sense!

    Anyway, trawled through tons on the net and none were right - only actually visited Dryburgh and Lodge on Loch lomond as I liked the idea of getting married on a beach too but there was just far too many people around, it wasnt private enough and felt quite restrictive in terms of what we were allowed and not allowed to do.


    the answer to your question is Fingask was venue 3.
  • tuppenceuktuppenceuk Posts: 5,346
    I looked at pretty much every hotel in the area (lots - big area).

    then I got about 30 brochures of places that were big enough / close enough etc. it helped us to work out exactly what we did - and more importantly didn't - want.

    than made a shortlist of three to actually go and visit 'in cognito'.

    then picked the venue and went back to look properly
  • _Jules__Jules_ Posts: 705
    I looked at 2 venues, the second venue that we looked at was the one we chose.

    I believe that when you have found your venue you know as soon as you walk in through the door! Thats what happened for us.

    Alot of what we judged it on was the staff and the look of the venue, how clean it was.

    The first venue was dirty, nobody was expecting us, he showed us around, they had 2 wedding the night before, the rooms that each wedding was in for the whole day absoulety stunk, and we were viewing this at 12pm, and he was kicking roast potatoes out of the way, and this was in the main reception!

    Our second venue, there was a wedding going on, they where in the middle of the drinks reception, we didn't want to go in, but a member of staff came to the frontdoor and invited us in, made us tea and we sat in the room until the wedding co-ordinator came along. So impressed by the service, it was that that sold it to us too.

    Good luck for sunday!

    Jules x
  • _Jules_ I totally agree with you, we looked at about 8 venues and thought we found the one then at the very last minute before we were going to book it we decided to go and visit one that we thought at first didn't have accomadation (but turned out they had a seperate block built a few months ago) as this was on our list of 'must haves'. As soon as we stepped inside we both knew it was the one and booked it a couple of days later! No regrets we are both 100% thrilled with it, it ticked every box! image

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